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Grip Fighting Tips With Israel Hernandez

Grip Fighting Tips With Israel Hernandez

As They Say....Grippin' Ain't Easy!

Grip Fighting can determine whether or not you get tossed into oblivion. As a beginner in Judo you can expect to be exploited heavily if you do not start to understand grip fighting. BUT like most things being a grip fighting wizard is easier said than done! So how can you go about increasing your Grip Aptitude?

One surefire way is to understand natural reactions of your opponent. You know the old “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” saying, that definitely applies here. By making your opponent react in a way that you can be prepared for sets you one step ahead. As in most combat sports, but Judo especially, those inches can really add up. Israel Hernandez, World Class Cuban Judo Coach, is here to help us with our grip fighting strategy. Specifically how to set up these natural reactions. Check it out, below.


Israel starts the demo by showing you how simply reaching for a sleeve grip is ill-advised. This simple grip strategy is easily avoided and worse yet, countered. Instead he opts for a 2-on-1 style of grip. He starts by reaching with his lead hand. In this case he is left leg forward so it is his left hand. Almost simultaneously he reaches with his rear hand to get a grip on the sleeve. 

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By hiding his intentions behind his initial grip, he is able to force his opponent to start to react in a way that is conducive to getting the sleeve grip. This is where the “game” of grip fighting starts to get very deep. More elements can be added to make your overall gripping strategy more complex. 

Now that Israel has this sleeve grip he wants he immediately pushes it towards his partner’s belt. Once again this forces a reaction that we can anticipate. The partner reacts by pulling his arm away from Hernandez’s push. This allows for Hernandez to start to use his other arm to further grip his opponent, in this case he opts for an upper back grip on his opponent. As a beginner being able to get into these textbook throwing positions is the best way to ensure your success. 

As you can tell by having good grips you can start to really off-balance your opponent. This will be groundbreaking for individuals who are having a hard time generating the force to successfully throw their opponent. By drilling these set-ups that Israel demonstrates in the video you will start to get a better feel for how a successful grip exchange can impact your game. On top of that if you want more great conceptual breakdowns like this, you can check out Judo Building Blocks by Israel Hernandez that is PACKED with more game-changing details today.  

Further on through this demo you start to see why Israel is one of the most sought after minds in Judo. His techniques and fluidity of movement is something that has been sharpened through years of ELITE training. 

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