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Gear Up For At Home Uchikomi With Travis Stevens

Gear Up For At Home Uchikomi With Travis Stevens


Uchikomi is a great way to build skill while at home, and best of all it doesn’t require a partner. If you missed Travis Stevens’s tutorial on how to install and utilize an at home uchikomi station, now is definitely a good time to check it out!  Don’t know what Uchikomi is?

If you are unfamiliar with the term Uchikomi, it means repetition training. There are many forms and variations of uchikomi, but it is often used to sharpen a specific aspect of a technique. Resistance bands are a great way to practice continuously. It’s a great way to get a workout while at the same time practicing some Judo related skills like footwork and timing. 

Travis has been keeping SUPER busy with his YouTube channel. On top of technique breakdowns, Travis has been hosting Q&A’s with some of the sports best athletes like Kayla Harrison and Angie Delgado! Tonight he is hosting a live at home workout, check out the link below and be sure to follow Travis for more top notch techniques and breakdowns!


While you wait for the live broadcast, let’s take a look at some Uchikomi drills Travis uses to keep his skills sharp!


Whether it's loosening the shoulders, strengthening key muscle groups, or practicing entries to your throw, the resistance band is a valuable tool for training at home. One major concept that Travis drives home is Time Under Tension. It’s important to focus on the proper pacing to keep the desired resistance. This is especially true for the circuits that involve more stationary exercise. The more time these less used muscles spend under tension the stronger they become!

Don’t forget to swing by Travis’s YouTube channel for tonight’s live video!!


Judo @ Home Workout With Travis Stevens
Be sure to check out more from Travis Stevens at JudoFanatics.com! He recently released Judo @ Home Workout, and it couldn’t have come at a better time!