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At Home Uchikomi With Travis Stevens

At Home Uchikomi With Travis Stevens


Got A Drill? Good. It’s Time To Drill! 

Uchikomi is how you get smooth with your technique. While it’s probably best done with a quality training partner, a good alternative is using resistance bands. On top of smoothing out your entries to your favorite throws, you can amp it up for some Judo-specific conditioning. Today, Travis Stevens has TWO videos for you to keep you active while at home. 

Travis Stevens has slowed down one bit! On top of a steady stream of YouTube content, Travis has released Judo @ Home a completely free instructional available through Judofanatics.com. Staying active at home during these trying times is a wise way to spend your time. Not only will you work on your skills for your return to the academy, but it’s a great way to occupy your mind in a positive way. Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in the news and statistics of today’s events. Instead get lost in some Uchikomi!

The first video Travis teaches you how to install your own Uchikomi station using some simple supplies available at most hardware stores or online. Just make sure you are hitting a stud in the wall so you don’t tear off a big chunk of drywall….!


As an added bonus, Travis explains why he chooses to keep a small knot at the end of his looped resistance band. As you get going, you are going to sweat. Rubber resistance bands are notorious for being slippery, we have all seen the ‘fail’ videos where people are finding themselves at the wrong end of the band. Travis also explains that this is a great time to work on your sleeve grip by using your bottom three fingers. This will help you develop the ‘snap’ needed for many of your techniques.

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Now let’s take a look at some of Travis’s dynamic drills he uses to sharpen some of his favorite throws!


This is a great time to really hammer out the imperfections in your technique. The rate of which you practice will determine how taxing it is on your body. SO if you are just starting out or maybe the time off hasn’t been kind to your weight...you can start slow. One thing to notice with how Travis trains is that he is going as smooth as possible. Regardless of the tempo of how he practices everything is smooth. Travis is obviously a top-notch athlete, but at the same time what he is doing can be replicated by anyone with some proper practice and TIME! 

By using the resistance bands you can really focus on some commonly overlooked aspects of strength and conditioning. At the 10:30 mark Travis shares his tips on how to enhance his Judo specific fitness. Targeting this hard to hit areas can also play a big role in avoiding injuries so get after it!

Judo @ Home Workout With Travis Stevens
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