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Where Do I Put My Hands?

Where Do I Put My Hands?


If you have watched the movie Talladega Nights you probably recall the scene where Ricky Bobby does his first on-screen interview as a professional race car driver. Ricky, played hilariously by Will Ferrell, nervously answers some questions as he asks what to do with his hands. Of course in Will Ferrell fashion he awkwardly floats his hands up in a nonsensical way while continuing the interview. When first starting out in martial arts many beginners can feel like good ol’ Ricky. 

A key to understanding proper grips is to understand their function or role. There are a plethora of options when it comes to grips and grip fighting. Knowing where to put your hands and how to grab is ultra-important. However, maybe slightly even more important is to know WHY!

By understanding what your goal is with any given grip can help you develop your attacks. Avoid ``paralysis by analysis” by getting comfortable with specific grips at first. As you get more comfortable you can gradually expand into uncharted territory and diversify your toolkit. So don’t get all Ricky Bobby and freak out under pressure. 

Seeing is believing or so they say! Let’s take a look at a quick breakdown with Shintaro Higashi! Shintaro recently released an instructional for JudoFanatics dedicated to the foundations of Judo. It is titled Judo Basics By Shintaro Higashi and will definitely assist those of you who are looking for rock solid basics to build upon!


Shintaro is able to rifle off an absurd amount of techniques in a short time. Again, with practice and consistent training you too will be able to find many pathways and options of attack. Judo Basics is loaded with details and strategies to assist your overall game. 

Hesitation can be a big detriment when it comes to grip fighting. If you are waiting around for a skilled practitioner to grab a hold of you they surely will. When first starting out being proactive when it comes to grip fighting is going to pay off big time. Once you are able to put your hands in the right place you can use these grips to your advantage. 

Shintaro drops countless gems that could be broken down and expanded upon to provide weeks worth of training. Thankfully with Judo Basics Shintaro provides a comprehensive breakdown on the essential basic components that will lay the groundwork for a strong Judo career. 

Judo Basics by Shintaro Higashi
Judo Basics By Shintaro Higashi covers the essential skills of Judo. Whether you are looking to tear up the tournament scene or simply defend yourself Shintaro has the tips and tricks to keep you winning and keep you safe! Check out Judo Basics today!