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Develop A Killer Grip With Ilias Iliadis

Develop A Killer Grip With Ilias Iliadis


Buckle up for this one, it’s going to get bumpy….

Grip fighting is a gritty business. Grappling produces some of the craziest grips in existence. Judo is a prime example of this. In a sport where so much hinges on being able to control your opponent, your grip is everything. To the untrained eye it may look like two people grabbing at each others jacket, but anyone “in the know” will understand the tactical battle that is unfolding.

Successful grips make for successful setups. Where you put your hands is important, but so is also knowing why you are doing so is equally important. Understanding how each grip is to be used is an art in itself. Certain grips are great for pushing, others are designed to control your opponent’s posture. On top of all of this you have to have some terrific stamina for a strong grip game. 

Thankfully there is a method to the madness of gripping, and that is through DRILLING. Check out World Champ Ilias Iliadis killer drill to ensure you have a killer grip


Are your hands aching yet? No worries, overtime you will build your grip. Ilias recommends going for 1 minute stints, but you could modify that based on your level. Also you could reduce the intensity of the drill and shoot for that minute time. Either way, most people are going to have a hard time if they are trying to match the World Champ’s intensity here. 

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The No-Gi aspect of this drill is a nice way to give one person an advantage so they can increase their grip aptitude. While you could easily both wear a gi, by forcing one partner to focus solely on defense it allows the other to work on their offensive grips. 

Now that you have some beastly grips let’s have Ilias show us how he drills for the Seoi Nage Check it out!


Judo can be a rough business, constantly falling especially when first starting out can take its toll on your body. Again overtime with proper training you will adapt to the rigors of training. Training smart is crucial however. One way to do this is though Uchi Komi, or repetition training. 

As you can see in the video, Ilias is still training most of the technique. He is simply not finishing. Practicing the finish is obviously important, but so is the set up! Using crash mats is an option for drilling the finish especially if your break fall isn’t the best. By spending so much time on the entry of the seoi nage it can become smoother overtime. You might be able to tell from the videos that Ilias has spent PLENTY of time with these techniques!

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