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Use Your Judo For Self Defense

Use Your Judo For Self Defense


Keep Yourself Safe On The Street

We’ve previously touched on the importance of self defense training. For the most part people will be focused on the rule set of their martial art when the practice. This is the same for most grappling based martial arts like Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling. Rules are important for organized competition, but as the famous Paddy’s Pub Crew stated “ain’t no rules on the streetz!”

Since most martial arts training is done against other trained martial artists chances are you will have many advantages in a street altercation. However with a little preparedness and anticipation you will find a way to implement your skills that you have been honing in the academy. 

Shintaro Higashi has a stellar YouTube Channel where he covers a wide variety of Judo related topics. From how to pack your Gi, to high level Osoto Gari tutorials! Today we will check out part a couple of Shintaro’s self defense tips using Judo!


In this video Shinato counter’s the street brawlers most common tactic, the haymaker. One of the most important techniques in this video that you can immediately practice is circling away from someone's power hand. Typically this is the rear hand in someone’s stance. 

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When circling away Shintaro provides a little more time for him to react to the haymaker. When he does he closes the distance and obtains an overhook and is now in Judo Territory. From here he is attached to his attacker, and severely limits their potential for fight ending strikes. In a self defense situation simple is best, so from this overhook position you should try to opt for the simplest technique to dispatch your attacker. 


In part 2 of this self defense exodus, Shintaro focuses on the second most common strike in a street fight the power straight hand. Once again the rear hand is the one to be most concerned about,  because even the untrained can generate fight ending force by throwing their power hand. 

The straight right is a linear attack. By keeping his hands up and open, Higashi is ready to parry the straight right and close the distance. While in this inside space Shintaro clips to his attacker’s head with his right hand and brings his head to that hand. This grip around your attacker’s head and arm is a great way to stay safe while setting up opportunities for you to end the assault. 

Shintaro points out that many of the skills you learn throughout your Judo journey will transfer over to the realm of self defense. All it takes is a little practice and adaptation and next thing you know you will have parried, and connected your hands! This is why the basics are so crucial to success regardless of what your goals are. If you are spending ample amounts of time on the mat it’s worth knowing it will work on the street!

Here Shintaro shares perhaps the most important self defense tip of all….


Judo Basics by Shintaro Higashi

Judo Basics By Shintaro Higashi covers the essential skills of Judo. Whether you are looking to tear up the tournament scene or simply defend yourself Shintaro has the tips and tricks to keep you winning and keep you safe! Check out Judo Basics today!