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Tips For Learning Judo With Satoshi Ishii

Tips For Learning Judo With Satoshi Ishii


As a beginner, Judo can be quite overwhelming. It’s easy to see why between the footwork, the grip fighting, and the launching humans through the air. Sure maybe you could launch your 10 year old nephew, but what about someone your size? Or better yet, are your ready to be launched? How is your break fall!? 

All of these questions can lead to someone straying away from learning this great Martial Art. One tip to make Judo more enjoyable is learning how to learn! That sounds ridiculous for sure. BUT there are certain strategies you can use to make you a more efficient learner when you are on the mat. To demonstrate this let’s breakdown a nice Ouchi Gari from Japanese Judo Legend Satoshi Ishii.


If you watch the Ouchi Gari performed in one fluid motion and try to replicate it, you’re gonna have a bad time. When learning Judo it is important to break a technique up into smaller digestible chunks, this is called chunking.  You need to look for 3-4 distinctive elements that you can “hook” into that will help you remember the technique. To keep it simple you could say Position, Entry, and Finish. This same formula could be applied to other techniques as well, because they will usually involve the same sequence. 

Here is how you could define Each aspect.

Position: This could refer to how your feet will be in relation to theirs. If both athletes have their left foot forward it is Left vs Left. It could be L vs R and R vs L as well. Position also could refer to how your hands are placed. 

Ouchi Gari Position: Satoshi starts in L vs R with his hands grabbing collar and sleeve. 

Entry: This aspect is in reference to how the technique is set up. It could involve a push or pull, as well as reference what the grips are doing. Footwork is one of the most crucial aspects to ANY Judo technique this portion would be a great place to describe what the feet are doing. 

Ouchi Gari Entry: Satoshi uses a rear step to close the distance on Bernardo. His hands start to elevate Bernardo’s base which allows for a strong finish. 

Finish: Finishing techniques involve a number of moving parts so defining this in a succinct way could be difficult. Keeping mental descriptions short and practical aid in recollection when performing/drilling a technique. 

Ouchi Gari Finish: Satoshi’s Lead Leg starts to remove Bernardo’s lead leg. As this leg is removed Satoshi starts to drive Bernardo’s weight over the missing leg for the finish. 

Overall to chunk a technique you must find out what is most relevant to the success of the technique. What makes this easier is a good instructor. Satoshi for instance will describe each aspect of the technique in small phrases. There isn’t a long winded explanation between each step. This is one aspect that makes his teaching style so effective. 

So if you find yourself missing something in a technique take a moment to break it down into smaller chunks. By narrowing your focus you might be able to pinpoint some deficiencies in your technique. If you can improve these small aspects of your technique it can really add up! 

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