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Throwing Tips Against A Stalling Opponent, With Satoshi Ishii

Throwing Tips Against A Stalling Opponent, With Satoshi Ishii


Have you ever went to work a technique on someone, but all they did was stall out? It can be infuriating. This can be increasingly frustrating if you are looking to refine specific aspects of your game. Whatever the reason your partner/opponent is stalling, you have to find a way around. One way is shown in the video below with Satoshi Ishii, and he is here to share some of his “Japanese Judo Secrets”!


In this situation Satoshi is looking for the Uchi Mata. As you can see his opponent is taking VERY defensive posture. His hips are back, and his arms are locked out. This may be your opponent’s initial posture, especially if they have witnessed you tossing people around previously. While this may initially stifle your throw attempts, but simultaneously opens other avenues of attack. 

In order to compensate for his opponent’s stiff arm, Satoshi must find a way to insert himself into a range that he can execute the Uchi Mata. He does this with a shuffle step. He demonstrates this multiple times around the 0:45 second mark in the video. This skill is worth drilling over and over, because it is used commonly in throwing techniques. 


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Once Satoshi shuffles in he is ready to elevate his opponent’s base. Satoshi is using a high collar and elbow grip to assist in the rotation of his opponent’s torso. By rotating his partner’s torso he can start to generate the turn needed to take the partner’s weight away from the leg that we are “up-rooting”. Satoshi utilizes a hopping technique to re establish his base continually. By hopping, Satoshi is able to get further underneath and utilize his upper body grips to complete the Uchi Mata. 

Fancy Footwork aside, this technique can be quite manageable to pull off with the right practice. Both the shuffle step and the hopping motion can/should be drilled to no end. By having these two tools in your tool kit, you will be able to find how they are used throughout Judo. 

The stalling opponent can be one of the most frustrating aspects to deal with in combat sports. Don’t let your frustration lead to mistakes or over extension. As Satoshi demonstrated above, if you can’t drive into someone because of their stiff arms and retreating hips you can change tactics. Most techniques require a reaction, and in this case you can treat the dreaded stall as just another reaction. 

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