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The Five Best Foot Sweeps for Every Judoka by Travis Stevens

The Five Best Foot Sweeps for Every Judoka by Travis Stevens

The foot sweep is one of the most effective techniques that a judoka can employ to off-balance and throw their opponents.  Foot sweeps or ashi-waza utilize much less energy than other types of throws and can help one diversify their judo game and also help them extend their judo training well into their later years because the foot sweep requires much less strength and energy expenditure.  If you're an older judoka who hasn't explored foot sweeps, now is the time.

The foot sweep is quick and can be used against an advancing or retreating opponent.  Again, it doesn't require the amount of body movement that most of the other judo throws require, making it a great quick way to set up your opponent and catch them off guard.

In addition, the judoka cross trains in activities like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the foot sweep offers another benefit and allows one to put the opponent in a compromised position, while not opening oneself up to counter attacks, such as a Drop Seoi Nage and the exposure of the back that it creates.   Outside of the academy, the foot sweep also has a great value as a self defense tool. It can be a a great way to surprise someone who is coming at you in an aggressive manner.

In the video below, Olympic Silver Medalist Travis Stevens breaks down his 5 favorite foot sweeps that every judoka should know.


Master the Osoto Gari



For more from Travis Stevens make sure you check out his series on the Osoto Gari which is also classified as a foot sweep technique.  You can get the series here at JudoFanatics.com.