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Teddy Riner Suffers First Defeat In 10 Years

Teddy Riner Suffers First Defeat In 10 Years


At the Paris Grand Prix Teddy Riner’s decade of dominance ended. After winning 152 consecutive matches Riner was finally defeated by number 10 ranked Kageura Kokoro. You could hear the crowd’s reaction when Riner finally fell in the Golden score portion of the match. 

After defeating his first two opponent’s Riner faced a familiar opponent in Kageura. The two faced off most recently at the Brasilia Grand Slam where Riner took the victory. Take a look at how Kokoro shook up the Judo world below!


The technique Kokoro utilized is called the uchi mata sukashi. This technique is performed by stepping the attacked leg away while simultaneously using your upper body grips to rotate your opponent to the ground. You can see a look of shock on many of the spectators faces, not only by the result by how the result came! 

Want a more indepth look at how to counter the Uchi Mata? Check out this quick tutorial from Jeong-Hwan An. An demonstrates the gritty details that will help you counter the uchi mata. 


The fact that Riner was defeated with this technique is nothing short of amazing. The timing and precision required to pull off this counter to the Uchi Mata is difficult against a cooperative opponent, nevermind pulling it off against one of the best +100kg Judo athletes ever!

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