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Take Your First Step With Shintaro Higashi

Take Your First Step With Shintaro Higashi


Starting anything can be difficult. Starting a sport where the goal is to toss your opponent like a bag of laundry, or occasionally strangle them is an even more difficult proposition! However with a little slight adjustment in perspective people can start to see that Martial Arts like Judo, offer something traditional sports and fitness simply do not offer. 

If you look at Judo simply as a combat sport your Judo Journey might be a short one. While it is indeed a Combat Sport, there are countless other benefits that Judo provides. On top of next level fitness, you will learn to defend yourself! Learning something impactful can help with the longevity of your training. Another aspect is that you will have other like minded people to interact with, which is another major difference from traditional fitness. 

So if you are just starting out, a great place to start is with the Basics. Simple techniques and tactics are most useful early on because of how complex Judo can become. After some time knowing where to put your hands and feet, you can start to see what this beautiful art has to offer! 

Thankfully, today is the best time in history to begin your Judo Journey. There are countless resources out there to help you perfect your craft. One resource is Shintaro Higashi. Shintaro has one of the best martial arts YouTube channels out there! The instructional game out there has totally changed thanks to BJJFanatics, FanaticWrestling, and JudoFanatics! Shintaro has recently released Judo Basics which is a 4-part instructional designed to help you Learn the essential Basics!

Check out Shintaro’s teaching skills as he links up with BJJ Legend Bernardo Faria! Learn The Kouchi Gari from Shintaro, check it out!


When you are trying to take someone down, often times you must layer your attacks to ensure that one will land. Shintaro uses the sumi gaeshi to set up kouchi. This is a sick combo attack, that doesn’t require you to be an elite level Judo player to pull off. The most difficult part of this technique might be the back roll required to pull of sumi gaeshi. If your opponent defends you can immediately switch to the kouchi gari. 

Learn The Basics With Shintaro Higashi, Click Learn More!

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The way that Shintaro is able to throw out his feint for the Sumi Gaeshi is ultra fast. It may require a couple of rewinds to see just how he is doing it. A solid fake is important to get your opponent to base out away from you, which sets up kouchi gari. The opponent must feel threatened enough to defend in order for you to land your desired technique. In Judo Basics Shintaro covers the ways to drill so you can start to find more successful setups. 

Shintaro not only has great technique, but his teaching style is perfect for those out there looking to hone their basics. Judo can be quite complex, so when someone can break it down to a level that someone on their first day can understand is a pure skill! Shintaro is no stranger to instructing. He has over 150 YouTube videos showing the ins and outs of his game.

Judo Basics by Shintaro Higashi
Judo Basics By Shintaro Higashi is packed full of THE essential concepts to get started on your Judo Journey. Shintaro provides the roadmap on everything from stance, gripping configurations, misdirection, how to drill, and of course how to attack!