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Tai Otoshi Tips With Andy Hung

Tai Otoshi Tips With Andy Hung


We have been discussing a lot of variations to classic techniques as of late. Variety is the spice of life or something like that right? In Judo, a fresh approach can catch your opponent by surprise. So today let’s let Andy Hung add a little variety to your Tai Otoshi!

Andy Hung has been keeping busy with top notch instructionals through JudoFanatics.com. His most recent instructional Tai Otoshi is a master class on this classic technique. Andy goes DEEP into the details on all-things Tai Otoshi. Let’s take a look at a quick clip from his latests instructional below!


Hung’s variation on the Tai Otoshi is made even stronger if his opponent has an over emphasized ‘bladed’ stance. In Tai Otoshi Andy covers multiple ways to get your opponent to be out of position like in the video above. Executing a perfect technique against a static opponent is great but ultimately the goal is to do it against a fully resisting opponent. This is where Andy starts to vary his tactics to catch his opponent off-guard. 

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There are several techniques that Andy utilizes that slightly alter the traditional method of performing Tai Otoshi. The first thing Andy covers is how he switches his hand from a traditional grip to a cross grip. When you get a cross grip you must be aware of what you trading off. With the cross grip you get a lot more mobility to move, at the same time however your opponent may have easier access to your flank. When using a cross grip you are best to get the grip and GO!

Many instructionals you run across on the internet will simply gloss over the gritty grip fighting details. Then when you go to try your technique you “learned” from instagram you are stuck at square one because you can’t break the grip! Andy shows how connects more of his body INTO the grip break technique. You can’t simply push your partner’s hand off of your collar.  Instead Andy recommends rolling the shoulder as well as the hip into the technique. This a variation WITHIN Andy’s variation of Tai Otoshi!

Keeping an appropriate balance ratio between each leg is essential. Andy describes it as a 60/40 split between his back and front leg respectively. Once he is inserted deep enough into the technique each leg plays a vital role in completing the throw. It’s important to keep your lead leg from locking out. Locking the leg can prove dangerous for your knee as well as detrimental to the technique. Andy uses this lead leg assist with the final steps of tai otoshi. He shows how the lead leg can help disrupt his partner’s base around the 3:50 mark of the video. 

Now that all of the major aspects of your throw are in place the rest is easy thanks to Andy! The Cross grip allows for maximal leverage when pulling your opponent over your semi-bent lead leg. To complete his variation of tai otoshi Andy rotates towards his rear leg which forces his partner to the mat. Stay tuned for more from Andy Hung!

Tai Otoshi by Andy Hung
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