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Stop The Strangle From Drop Seoi Nage

Stop The Strangle From Drop Seoi Nage

The Drop Seoi Nage is one of the most fun throws to learn, and execute. Being able to turn and drop on a dime, while having your opponent fly effortlessly over top of you is a feeling few will truly feel. Thankfully for many Judoka out there, they know this feeling and have dedicated decades studying ways to make the drop seoi nage even more effective. 

Any technique has counters. In the case of the drop seoi nage it could lead to you getting strangled! This risk/reward can be tipped in your favor with proper set ups and grips, however the reality is that at some point you will be countered. Thankfully BJJ and Judo Black Belt Matt D’Aquino has some tips for us to avoid the strangle from a failed drop seoi nage. Check it out!


As Matt D’Aquino points out the first thing to know about drop seoi nage is what to do if/when it gets stuffed. By being on your knees and exposing your back to your opponent you are obviously at risk of being snagged in a stranglehold. Let’s look at some of the key details Matt points out. 

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First off if you totally whiff and lose your grips, you are at less risk because your opponent doesn’t have ahold of you. Often times your opponent will have a collar grip, and if they are able to keep ahold of that grip you are likely to get clock choked. So a total whiff isn’t necessarily the worst thing. 

If the attack is totally blocked while they their grip still is where you are a maximum vulnerability. As shown at the 0:44 mark of the video. The rolling bow and arrow choke Liam performs is quite excellent as well, if you are a fan! D’Aquino points out that breaking the collar grip with one hand isn’t always practical, which leads to the next defense. After failing the attack Matt immediately turns and faces his partner and pulls guard. 

You will figure out which way to turn really fast, because turning the wrong direction will only tighten the choke. Another good way to remember is to turn towards their choking arm’s elbow. 

The same concept applies to the clock choke. By turning towards the choking arm you can alleviate most of the pressure while simultaneously using the double underhooks to get out from underneath your opponent. You can see this demonstrated at the 2:30 mark. 

Finally D’Aquino demonstrates a good way to get used to this at the 3:10 mark. This drill will also help your drop seoi entrances. Ideally the set up is so silky smooth that no defense can be had. However, it's probably a good idea for the drop seoi specialists out there to get a good guard pull to go along with their throw. 

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