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Set Up Your Next Throw With Yarden Gerbi!

Set Up Your Next Throw With Yarden Gerbi!


Learn this slick technique chain to catch your opponent off guard!

Combination throws can take some time getting proficient at. That said, the  juice is definitely worth the squeeze. Single techniques can be powerful on their own, but when mixed with multiple attacks they can be unstoppable!

Yarden Gerbi, a Olympic bronze medalist and 2013 World champ, is here to show us how to use layers of tactics to secure victory. In this situation she is in a right vs left scenario and will be using the Uchi Mata  to force her partner to defend. She uses this defense to enter into the Osoto Gari, let’s take a look!


The uchi mata is of course a powerful technique on it’s own. In this situation Yarden flicks her leg out to “sell” the uchi mata. A key tip when trying to perform combination throws is to go make your opponent believe that your initial attack is threatening. This will get the reaction you are looking for to launch your next technique. 

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Yarden’s partner shifts their weight to the rear foot in order to defend the Uchi Mata. This weight shift allows Yarden to hop through to the rear leg. This re-establishes the base and allows Yarden to generate the force required to execute Osoto. As a beginner get used to using these “hopping” type movements. It is a common practice among Judo practitioners to successfully move in and out of techniques. 

The placement of the reaping foot is very important. Yarden focuses on getting her foot to hook at the back of her partner’s knee. As the foot attaches to their back leg, Yarden immediately hops through to finish Osoto Gari. 

Yarden’s newest instructional is focused around the Uchi Mata. This video is pulled directly from the instructional, and is a perfect example of using combination techniques in order to become more efficient on the mat!

Her upper body grip is another aspect that cannot be overlooked. By using a sleeve and upper lapel grip combination Gerbi is able to create a lot of curve in her partner’s upper body. This also plays a role in placing your partner’s weight in the correct spot, which is over their rear foot. 

As the video goes on, Gerbi starts to really pick up the pace. She emphasizes being quick when feinting. This freezes her partner in his tracks because he has to be focused on defending the Uchi Mata, which allows her to immediately transition through to the rear leg for Osoto. 

Uchimata by Yarden Gerbi
Yarden has been keeping busy sharing her knowledge with her newest instructional, which is DEDICATED to mastering the Uchi Mata! Uchi Mata By Yarden Gerbi is loaded front to back with layers of tactics that will keep your opponent’s working on their break fall!