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Set Up Your Foot Sweep With Travis Stevens

Set Up Your Foot Sweep With Travis Stevens


Foot sweeps can be difficult to pull off, so when you see a well executed one it is sure to get some attention. The timing and foot placement involved is very crucial to making your opponent look like they slipped on a banana peel in the middle of the mat. One surefire way to increase your effectiveness with your foot sweeps is to drill, baby drill!

Travis Stevens, American Judo Legend, has a quick and easy to follow set up that will get your opponent moving and set you up to SWEEP THE LEG!


Not only will this drill start to increase your foot sweep aptitude, but also it helps you get your feet moving in a way that makes sense. As a beginner one of the hardest things to grasp is where/what your limbs will be doing. You’ll be asking questions like “where do my feet go?” or “I don’t know what to do with my hands!”. Travis starts to rough out the edges with this drill, and it can help you start to develop some fluidity on the mat. 

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You can’t evenly rotate with your opponent or you will be out of position for the foot sweep. To pull off the foot sweep, where your back foot lands is very important. Travis points out the aiming spot for your back foot. When you step and rotate your partner you want to get your rear leg to land where it splits the middle of their legs. This is essential because your lead leg is going to be utilized as the sweeping leg. If your back leg is out of place you will be off-balance when trying to swing your leg through for the sweep. 

The hands also play a major role as well. They will help rotate your opponent as well as be used to help with the finish. Stevens describes using the sleeve hand to really drive into your partner’s hip  while the other hand steers their head the same direction as the sweep. This twisting motion will ensure that your partner’s weight is distributed in a way that makes the sweep possible. 

One last detail to take home with you is how Travis articulates his foot. He creates a scoop shape with his foot so he can uproot his partner’s foot. This creates more surface area for you foot to attach to theirs and it makes it harder to step out!

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