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Sagi Muki’s Super Cool Seoi Nage

Sagi Muki’s Super Cool Seoi Nage


Want to mix up your Seoi Nage? Then look no further.

Here, 2019 World Champion Sagi Muki shows a cool Morote Seoi Nage that involves a grip break, grip switch, and stance switch (oh my!).


First, we’ll discuss the technique. Then, we’ll talk about why it’s cool.

To start, Muki has a grip on his opponent’s left lapel and a lefty stance, and his opponent has their lapel grip on the same side (so the setup is a righty vs. lefty situation, where Muki is the lefty for this one). 

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The first thing Muki does is get rid of his opponent’s grip on his lapel. He does this by grabbing his own lapel, angling his chest away from his opponent, and straightening his lapel arm.

When Muki steps back for the grip break, he moves so his chest goes from facing his opponent, to being perpendicular to his opponent. This makes it so his opponent simply doesn’t have enough arm to hand on to their grip.

This is a powerful, simple grip break that’s good to keep in mind whenever you’re in a situation with this type of grips.

After his opponent’s grip is broken, Muki does a big kazushi (pull) with his lapel hand and steps back with his left (leading foot) at the same time.

Now, at this point, Muki has his left hand on the lapel, his right foot forward, and has his right hand free. From here, Muki goes for a right-handed Morote Seoi Nage.

To do that, he has to switch his grips.

So, he replaces his left lapel hand with his right hand, and uses his left hand to grab the sleeve. From there, you can enter the Morote just like you normally would.

Muki does a really good job of demonstrating this grip switch starting at 1:22 in the video.

Now, why this technique is cool.

If you can make this smooth and fast, this technique is a good one to catch people off-guard with. Since you start with a grip break, your opponent will most likely try to regain their grip immediately after the break.

But, Muki comes in almost immediately for the Morote after the break. And what does he need to do the Morote? His opponent’s outstretched arm that’s trying to regain the lapel grip. 

So you’re opponent essentially gives you what you need to finish this throw, which is always fun.

Secondly, getting good at this technique on both sides allows you to hit this whenever you and your opponent have lapel grips on the same side. If you’re a lefty who goes against righties, that situation comes up all the time.

And, if you’re a righty and the lefties are giving you a hell of a time with their lapel grip, this is the perfect technique to hit them with.

And, of course, you could always play the opposite side you normally do to set up this technique.

Now get to drilling!

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