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Reaction Based Sumi Gaeshi With Darcel Yandzi

Reaction Based Sumi Gaeshi With Darcel Yandzi


When learning complex techniques like Sumi Gaeshi, tuning into the “rhythm” of the technique is a must. Understanding how your opponent moves pays off big time when it comes to reaction based techniques like Sumi Gaeshi. If you are having trouble landing timing based techniques, creating a reaction can help you out. 

Darcel Yandzi, French Olympian and coach to some of Judo’s top athletes like Teddy Riner, recently released Winning Combinations. This instructional focuses on teaching unique ways of creating reactions that lead to efficient throws. Darcel covers combinations that even someone completely new to Judo can understand. Check out how he sharpens the Sumi Gaeshi to a razor’s edge!


Darcel hammers home the key concepts that are required for a solid Sumi Gaeshi. He does a great job of showing all of the angles and mechanics for each part of the technique. Let’s piece them together, to shore up that Sumi Gaeshi. 

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First up is the grips that Yandzi is using. He has an upper back grip used in combination with a sleeve grip. Next is how he uses his feet to change the alignment of their bodies. Darcel takes a side step which allows him to further disrupt his opponent’s base. This initial positioning is a KEY foundation that the rest of the technique hinges upon. He is using his upper body grips to shift his partner’s weight towards the leg that he will eventually hook for Sumi Gaeshi. 

By off balancing his opponent he is forcing them to react, otherwise Darcel can enter into a different attack. It’s important to remember when attempting combination techniques that each individual attack needs to be strong. This forces them to defend or fall victim to the initial attack. Winning Combinations goes deep on strategy, and forces your opponent to constantly “pick their poison”. 

In fear of getting launched by Uchi Mata your opponent needs to honestly react by shifting their weight the opposite direction. This is the reaction needed for Darcel to shift gears into Sumi Gaeshi. As soon as you feel your partner shifting their weight, HELP THEM! Darcel demonstrates this around the 2:00 minute mark. This action-reaction sequence would be a good thing to mimic with your training partners so you can develop the timing/sensitivity required to be successful with Sumi Gaeshi. 

Now that you have the foot work and timing necessary, let's take a look at the finish. Once you decide to ‘help’ your opponent by pulling them the direction they are shifting, it’s time to sit into the Sumi Gaeshi. Keep in mind that everything up to this point has been done to optimize the Sumi Gaeshi. If you sit straight to your butt instead of underneath your partner, they will be able to defend.  This scooping underneath motion will help finish the Sumi Gaeshi by maximizing the lift that your hook can generate. Speaking of the hook, it’s important to get it attached to the inside of your partner’s knee. By doing so you can utilize it to further ‘help’ send your partner to the mat. Your hook will lift them the same direction that you pulled them. By keeping the upper back grip you all but guarantee your opponent rolling through the technique, otherwise a painful face plant awaits!

Pulling off techniques like Sumi Gaeshi that require pure timing and technique can be addicting. Winning Combinations is full of action/reaction scenarios that put you in control of the match. Darcel has interesting ways to create movement, as you might’ve noticed from the demo above. Another great thing about the demonstrations is you can start to see how upper echelon coaches approach teaching. By following Darcel’s methodical approach you will be adding solid layers of techniques that your opponent won’t be able to defend. 

Winning Combinations by Darcel Yandzi
If you are looking for tried and true combinations that create winning scenarios Winning Combinations is for you. Darcel Yandzi puts his next level coaching on display with countless combinations and variations that will leave your opponent flat on their back! Upgrade your approach with Darcel Yandzi and his instructional Winning Combinations!