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Quick Combination With Fabio Basile

Quick Combination With Fabio Basile


Coming at your opponent with multiple attacks pre planned can be a very effective strategy. By forcing your opponent to defend your initial attack they will provide other opportunities for you to attack. Fabio Basile, 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist, is known for his fluid transitions from one attack into another. This aggressive approach is what helped him secure the Gold in 2016.

Fabio just released his first instructional with Judo Fanatics titled Learned Quickness. This instructional gives an inside look on a concept that can be thought of as unteachable. That concept is quick, explosive movements. He explores concepts that don’t rely on being a super athlete. Fabio even covers techniques that he uses against larger opponents. 

When you watch Fabio demonstrate, or compete there is a noticeable fluidity to his movement. Beginners can have issues developing fancy footwork like Fabio’s, but like most things they can be practiced and improved upon. Let’s take a look at a combination tactic from Learned Quickness


Pretty smooth right? One major thing that ANY Judo practitioner can take away from this demo is how Fabio drills a technique. If you want to know how he got so smooth on his feet, watching him bounce into this combination should do the trick. When Fabio is practicing he isn’t just nonchalantly going through the motions. Every step is extremely calculated and detail driven. Remember that once you have a technique down, you can always add variables to increase its effectiveness. 

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Fabio explains that this seoi-ouchi attack is meant to trick your opponent. By forcing them to react to an incoming seoi nage they must plant their weight into their heels. As Fabio explains that this makes their support rigid and weak. This leaves them open for the ouchi gari. 

Larger opponent’s can create interesting situations if you are the smaller grappler. Fabio explains that training with bigger training partners can help you breakthrough plateaus, and push your abilities on the mat. Attempting an ippon seoi nage on someone that outweighs you can be a difficult proposition. However, launching into it with intent to throw makes your opponent give you an honest reaction. By  knowing ahead of time that you plan to immediately switch to ouchi gari based off of their defense you too can be decisive in your movement like Fabio. 

If you are having trouble switching between tactics a great time to study the video is at the 3:00 minute mark. How you think about a technique can make all the difference in the world. Rhythm is something commonly reserved for the dance floor, but Judo is somewhat like a dance right? It’s just a violent dance that has you launching your “dance partner” to the ground. Approaching the seoi-ouchi switch in a rapid 1-2 count can help. If you wait too long before switching to ouchi your partner will have too much time to react and recover. 

Now that you have the timing down on when to switch to ouchi gari it's important to keep you head in the correct position. Fabio demonstrates how he exposes his back to his opponent to really sell the seoi nage, this involves his head looking away from them. If you try to execute the ouchi gari with this same  head positioning your going to find it quite difficult. Fabio make sure to switch his head back towards his opponent to help drive them over the leg that is trapped. 

This is a major focus throughout Learned Quickness. Fabio shows you methods of training specific techniques in a way that give you a decisive plan of action. By knowing your attack plan ahead of time you can react with a learned quickness that has you landing combinations and countering their every move. Keep in mind that in a match the variables are endless, so Fabio doesn’t give you a 36 move strike plan. Instead, he provides small incremental chunks of top-tier tactics that you can apply throughout the match!

Learned Quickness by Fabio Basile
Learned Quickness shares some of Fabio’s best techniques and some special techniques that are only on THIS instructional! You don’t have to be a super athlete to land combination attacks. Fabio teaches you how to react quickly and decisively...your opponent won’t know what hit them!