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Offensive Vs Defensive Gripping, Grip Tips With Jimmy Pedro

Offensive Vs Defensive Gripping, Grip Tips With Jimmy Pedro


Grippin’ Ain’t Easy

Obtaining Optimal grips in ANY grappling sport is one of the KEY factors in success at all levels. If you dominate the grips you dominate the game. That said, it can be pretty difficult to get a good grip on someone while they are moving and doing the same to you. As a Jiu-Jitsu player you might be looking for specific grips to guard pull, but if you are a Judo player chances are you are looking to throw. SO what can a filthy guard puller learn about grip fighting? A LOT. 

Jimmy Pedro is one of the most accomplished Americans in Judo. He is a MASTER of grip fighting. His approach can help clear up some misconceptions you might have as a Jiu-Jitsu person, or it might reaffirm your ideas if you are adept at Stand-up grappling. Check out this clip off of his new instructional series "Grip Like A World Champion 2.0."!


Right off the bat, Pedro wants you to understand that gripping isn’t simply “defensive Judo”. Instead he describes it as a way to “impose your will on your opponent”, and is a proponent of Offensive Gripping. In a nutshell Pedro describes Offensive Gripping as a way of intelligently engaging your opponent to control EVERY situation. What comes next is a series of exchanges that you could describe a multitude of ways. I for one, who is not very confident standing up, would describe it as frightening. 

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In about a minute’s time Jimmy goes on to display his SYSTEMATIC approach to gripping. Every action Jimmy takes causes a reaction from his partner. This reaction will further lead to Jimmy entering into a variety of grip breaks, off-balances, trips, and throws. The trick to all of this is having a good starting point which in most cases in terms of grappling is obtaining USEABLE grips. This is where Grip Like A World Champion 2.0 comes in. 

EVEN if you are not a Judo practitioner you can gain essential skills from one of the top tier instructors that will win you matches in Jiu-Jitsu. Being able to secure the top position is a great factor in determining success in competition. You CANNOT get takedowns if you can’t secure strong grips. As you can tell from the above video, there is a big difference between Offensive and Defensive gripping strategies. If you take the Offensive approach you can start to dominate the early exchanges which will lead you to find a takedown and possibly a submission. 

Grip Like a World Champion 2.0 by Jimmy Pedro

Grip Like A World Champion 2.0 By Jimmy Pedro will give you a look at what it takes to become a Champ! This 3 part series gives you a look at how Jimmy Pedro has created some of the best Judokas in the U.S. like Travis Stevens and Kayla Harrison! Go on a Judo Journey that covers everything from theory of gripping to defending power grips. Grip Like A World Champion 2.0 is guaranteed to increase your success on the feet!