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Off Balance The Opposition With Travis Stevens

Off Balance The Opposition With Travis Stevens


Creating Kuzushi can be tricky when you are facing off with someone with an opposite lead foot as you. As a matter of fact, most things can be tricky when facing an opposite stance! Off-balancing your opponent is a crucial skill if you hope to successfully land your desired technique. 

Today we will look at some off balancing options from Travis Stevens. Travis has been cranking out a steady stream of content from his YouTube channel so be sure to check it out! Take a look at how Travis deals with an opposite foot lead, to set up techniques like Uchi Mata!


Wondering how Travis became so smooth on his footwork? Judo @ Home is a FREE instructional from Travis, where he shows many exercises that you can do from home with a little space that will directly translate into your Judo skills. Take advantage of this great deal, and increase your Judo from home!

So now that you can successfully off balance your opponent, you might as well have a Slick Seoi Nage to go along with it! Attack the opposite stance with one of Travis’s favorite attacks from his new instructional Mastering Seoi Nage!


As Travis points out a good way to address an opposite stance opponent is by defending/attacking their lead hand. This hand is going to need to attach to your Gi for most of their attacks, so controlling it early is a winning strategy. One way Travis ensures his ability to control their lead hand is by getting a solid grip and leaning his weight into it. This drives your opponent’s lead hand towards their belt, effectively taking it out of the equation!

To add to the discomfort of the position Travis has his partner in, he will begin to push at their shoulder to keep them away. This causes his partner to press back into him. By getting used to this reaction you will be able to enter into the Ippon Seoi Nage more efficiently. 

Mastering Seoi Nage by Travis Stevens
Mastering Seoi Nage is a 7-part instructional dedicated to all-things Seoi Nage. Learn the ins and outs of this foundational technique with one of the best in the game, Travis Stevens! Add a complete strategy around your Seoi Nage, by using  complementary techniques that will make your Seoi Nage game hard-to-stop!