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O Goshi Counter Flow With Jimmy Pedro

O Goshi Counter Flow With Jimmy Pedro

The O Goshi is one of the most popular throws in Judo, partly because it’s one of the 40 original throws and it's also one of the coolest looking techniques. However, because it’s so popular everyone wants to use it. This means that a lot of people will naturally learn to counter the move, because it is attempted on them so often. 

This means that if you’re a person that wants to go for the O Goshi a lot then you’ll need to learn about the various counters that the technique has and how to counter those. Luckily for us, one of the biggest counters to the O Goshi is simply just going for an O Goshi of your own. Another great thing is that you can counter this counter O Goshi with your own counter O Goshi, sounds simple doesn’t it?

Well unfortunately this counter isn’t as straight forward as it might sound. This means you’ll need a good coach to show you how to do it. Luckily we have one of the best to help you out.

In this video Judo Legend Jimmy Pedro  goes over how to counter your opponent’s counter and complete the O Goshi.

Who Is Jimmy Pedro 

Jimmy Pedro is a 7th degree Judo Black Belt and former competitor who has trained in Judo from a young age. He has experience in the US national competition scene, the worlds and even in the Olympics. Jimmy Pedro is one of the most accomplished American Judokas in history. He has won two separate bronze medals at two separate Olympic games and has won 4 separate gold medals at the Pan American championships. 

O Goshi Counter To An O Goshi Counter 


The technique starts from a position where Jimmy has a sleeve grip and a grip around his opponent’s back around the waist. This grip can be on the jacket or on the belt. From this position, you are going to step in as an attempt to go for your O Goshi. Naturally your opponent will jump in front of your hips with theirs. This means that they are trying to counter your O Goshi with their own. 

Now from here, the counter that you can go for is still just doing your own O Goshi. What you need to do is step in front of your opponent’s hips and get your hip back in front of theirs. From there you can pull on your grips and bump with your hips and rotate through to complete the throw. 

Jimmy says that what he sees a lot of is people just constantly stepping over each other to get a proper hip position but nobody ever really pulls and elevates to finish the throw. That’s a very important part that people attend to look over. Remember that position is just one part, it’s a very important part, but if you do nothing with it, then it’s basically useless. 

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If you like this O Goshi technique breakdown  and want to learn more from 7th Degree Judo Black Belt Jimmy Pedro, then you should check out his complete O Goshi series “American Judo System: O Goshi Encyclopedia by Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens” Available exclusively on Judo Fanatics!