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Movement Based Osoto With Satoshi Ishii

Movement Based Osoto With Satoshi Ishii


When first learning a technique, often times it is done against a static partner. Static meaning they are not moving, and often perfectly placed for you to execute your technique. That is if you have a good partner! This static environment is great for learning because you limit the amount of variables that you have to calculate and adjust to. As you get comfortable with a technique in a static environment, it’s important to start to test the same technique in a setting that is more dynamic. 

 Once things start moving is when things start to get a little tricky, especially if you haven’t been exposed to it yet! Instead of jumping directly to live training where the variables can be countless, begin with the same technique you were learning and apply some basic elements of movement. Stick with the same technique you were learning in a static environment phase, so you have some familiarity with the main concepts. 

The Osoto Gari is a classic technique that is often taught early on, but still remains highly relevant at the highest levels of competition. Osoto Gari contains many elements that are seen throughout Judo. Kuzushi, effective gripping, and footwork are all essential to Osoto. 

Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate movement with Satoshi Ishii! This technique is a quick snip of Satoshi’s newest instructional Tachi Waza Intensive. Satoshi dives deep on the details that will help you absorb some of Judo’s most effective throws. Take a look at his Circular Osoto Gari!


Hitting the Osoto Gari is usually best done when attacking your opponent’s near leg. If your opponent is fighting with the same lead leg as you, your entry into Osoto is going to require a bit less set up. If they are opposite stance as you using circular motion to get your opponent to step will give you the angle required to get them to the mat. 

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Satoshi obviously has his footwork down. Maintaining effective footwork when someone is tugging on your clothes can be a difficult proposition. This is where effective gips come in. By using effective grips you can negate how much control your opponent will have over your body. To successfully move his partner Satoshi has a strong grip on his partner’s sleeve at the elbow and a high lapel grip with his other hand. These grips will allow you to control your opponent while limiting their options to counter. 

Catching your opponent mid step will help aid in a successful throw. This involves some timing and anticipation. This is where uchikomi can play a big role in how well your perform this particular version of Osoto Gari. By practicing the footwork, and set up continuously you can ensure the last stage of your throw will be correct.  Satoshi points out that if you are too far to sweep the leg there is a good chance your natural reaction is to open up. In an effort to provide that extra umph to finish the throw you will find yourself out of position. Practice getting into the proper spacing will pay off big time when adding movement into your training. 

Now that everything is in place, the Osoto Gari is much easier to finish. If your support leg is close enough to your partner leaning into the throw is much more manageable. Your grips will now play a pivotal role in completing the throw. The Lapel hand will help push your opponent’s weight over the leg you are kicking out. The sleeve grip will also help shift your partner’s weight in the right direction while pulling the grip towards your hip. 

If you take some time to work out the kinks, your effort will be well worth it. Not only will you have a top-tier tactic from Judo Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii, you will have a much better understanding the important role movement can play in making your techniques even MORE effective!

Tachi Waza Intensive focuses on tightening up your main throws! Satoshi not only has the Judo credentials, he is also one of the most well rounded combat athletes in the world! Take your game to the next level in Tachi Waza Intensive By Satoshi Ishii!