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More Ouchi Gari Tips With Angie Delgado

More Ouchi Gari Tips With Angie Delgado


Judo is all about action vs reaction. The sooner that this concept is absorbed the more success you will see with your technique. When first trying to throw someone you may look at it like simply launching a technique at someone. BUT as you may soon find out launching into an Ouchi Gari against an opponent who is rooted to the mat, your probably gonna have a bad time…

“Punches in Bunches” is something you’ll hear in MMA or Boxing. It means to not simply throw one attack at a time. The classic 1-2 combo is probably the first that many people learn. The jab is meant to connect and possibly disorient the opponent for the Big cross to seal the deal. In Judo the same concept can be applied. Throws in Rows people!

If you have a couple solid technique chains you can begin to keep your opponent guessing. As they react to your first attempt you’ll already be on to the next one, or possibly third tactic. The ability to go In-and-Out of techniques requires a lot of effective drilling, but it also helps to have some top notch instruction. This is where Angelica Delgado comes in. Angie is known to have combo attacks that leave her opponent confused, and in that moment she strikes. Ouchi Gari By Angelica Delgado is a dedicated to techniques like these and MORE!

Let’s check out a technique demo where she shows her Ouchi Gari acumen. 


As you can tell from the demo, Angie knows a thing or two about the Ouchi Gari. She points out several times in the video about going hard on the Koshi Garuma. Any experienced Judoka will tell you that forcing a natural reaction is going to lead to higher ippon percentages. The thing about a natural reaction is that you can count on it. By being prepared for their reaction you are going into the exchange ready to switch intentions instantly. For instance if the Uke didn’t react to the Koshi Garuma, Delgado would simply execute the technique. 

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After you’ve gotten your opponent to base out from your Koshi Garuma a swift entrance into Ouchi Gari can be made. Delgado demos this multiple times throughout the video. A couple key details to walk away with are how she manipulates her partner’s base after the initial defense. Since the partner planted his feet in defense, Angie can use her back grip to start to shift her partner’s weight towards the direction of her Ouchi Gari making the trip possible. 

Head positioning here can also be a critical factor to finishing the Ouchi Gari. Delgado describes looking over her opponent’s shoulder to make the finish happen. This head position allows further drive which compliments the pulling motion she is using on the back of the gi. It also ensures that you are landing chest to chest on your opponent.

Ouchi Gari by Angelica Delgado

Ouchi Gari By Angelica Delgado is a 4-part series dedicated not only to the Ouchi Gari but also to the complementary techniques surrounding the Ouchi Gari. This provides you a comprehensive strategy revolving around one Delgado’s favorite techniques. Get more from your instructionals with JudoFanatics!