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Koshi Guruma To Uchimata with Yarden Gerbi

Koshi Guruma To Uchimata with Yarden Gerbi


Learn a beautiful Koshi Guruma to Uchimata combo here with 2013 World Champion Yarden Gerbi.

Gerbi also won Bronze in the 2016 Olympics -- the first medal for Israeli women’s Judo since 1992 -- and has 2 World Cup Golds.

Here, Gerbi shows Koshi Guruma to Uchimata using her signature over the back grip.

First, the Koshi Guruama.

Instead of letting go of her grip on the gi and wrapping the head, Gerbi moves her back-of-the-shoulder grip from the right shoulder to the left.

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This gives her the control she would get by wrapping the head, but without giving away her grip (and therefore her opportunity to attack again).

When she goes in for the throw, Gerbi also doesn’t move her hip all the way to the outside of her opponent’s hips. Instead, she uses her hip to drive just on the inside of her opponent’s hip, giving her lifting power.

She then finishes as usual for these hips throws, using a combination of her grips, legs, and hips to direct her opponent to their back.

But, when her opponent feels Gerbi going for the Koshi Guruma, they’ll probably defend. Here, her opponent does this by running to the side.

When this happens, Gerbi switches to the Uchimata. 

She keeps her grips exactly as they are, and just adjusts her feet.

Gerbi is perpendicular and to the outside of her opponent after the Koshi Guruma defense. To enter the Uchimata from the proper angle, she takes her back foot and places it right in front of (or just to the inside of) her opponent’s foot. 

Then, her sweeping leg can go right to the middle of her opponent’s thigh, after which she can turn her opponent with her grips, hop in a circle if needed, and get the finish.

Gerbi does the adjustment with her feet after the Koshi Guruma a little quickly in the video, but it’s easy to see at half speed.

The over-the-back grip allows Gerbi to get in tight with her opponent, optimizing her control during the throw. It also allows her to make a seamless transition between Koshi Guruma and Uchimata -- without having to move her hands.

Give these techniques and combo a try to improve your hip-throwing abilities.

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