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Kimura Secrets With Satoshi Ishii

Kimura Secrets With Satoshi Ishii


They won’t know WHAT hit them!

On top of being one of the most effective submissions, the Kimura has a lot of versatility that has recently seen a much wider use. Whether it is used to pin your opponent to the mat  or defending a single leg in wrestling, the Kimura continues to evolve further and further. Satoshi Ishii is a perfect example of an athlete that has utilized the Kimura across multiple grappling sports including MMA. 

Satoshi has a few secrets with the Kimura that he uses. Let’s take a look at the Olympic Gold Medalists take one this dominating technique with Bernardo Faria!


In this demonstration Satoshi offers an alternative to the traditional kimura grip where you cover your own wrist that controls your opponent’s arm. This crossed arm configuration provides a couple of benefits you may not get from the traditional grip. By going cross armed you can feel an extra layer of security while making the transition to fully applying the lock. As you can see Ishii has multiple variations he will use to finish that looks more painful as he goes!

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Bernardo points out how efficient the crossed arm variation is. It allows Ishii to spread out his base enough to control his opponent while applying pressure to the shoulder. Here is another look at the same technique. Satoshi goes a little more in depth on how he maximizes the Kimura pressure. 


In this version of the demonstration you can really see how Satoshi emphasizes his initial grip going as deep as possible. This allows for his other hand that threads through to make a strong connection to the elbow. With both elbows serving as a way to control his opponent’s arm as well as an extra base he can maneuver the rest of his body into a better breaking position. 

Satoshi has amassed a skillset few others possess. Japanese Judo Secrets is Satoshi’s masterclass on the tactics that helped him become a Gold Medalist. In it you will find this Kimura series expanded upon. Also you will uncover more secrets of gripping, throwing, and of course submitting! Take your game up a notch or….seven with Satoshi Ishii!

Japanese Judo Secrets by Satoshi Ishii
Satoshi has applied his skills at the highest levels in multiple areas of combat. IF you are looking for an edge against the competition that the competition won’t see coming Japanese Judo Secrets by Satoshi Ishii  is what you are looking for.