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Kayla Harrison Wins PFL Title!

Kayla Harrison Wins PFL Title!


And 1 Million dollars!

The Professional Fight League just wrapped up it’s 2019 season, paying 6 fighters a million dollars. Kayla Harrison, Judo Gold Medalist, was one of those athletes to take home the big check. 

In the main event of PFL’s last card in 2019, Harrison took on rival Larissa Pacheco. The two previously fought at the beginning of the season where Harrison took the unanimous decision. 

Their fight for the Lightweight title was much the same. Harrison employed her stellar grappling to become the PFL’s first female Lightweight champion. Although Harrison was excited to bring home the title she expressed that she is always looking for a finish. Pacheco did have several moments, but Harrison once again proved that she is one of the most dominant athletes in MMA. Check out a quick recap courtesy of ESPN MMA below. 


What makes Harrison such a dominant grappler? Her Judo of course! Kayla is one of the most accomplished Judokas in the United States. She has a relentless attacking style that employs some of the most brutal submissions you will see on the mat. Kayla’s instructional The Real Judo Chop contains Kayla’s favorite techniques. Take a look at this sick choke she sets up as soon as the battle hits the mat. 


Relentless isn’t hyperbole. Kayla goes on the attack as soon as her partner hits the mat. What’s nice about this technique is that it’s not focused on landing a big throw. Instead it offers a fairly easy defense for your opponent. This technique is just begging your opponent to turtle in defense. 

Only for Harrison to fly into the fight ending clock choke. For the record you might be better off eating the choke instead of tucking your chin….because Kayla will blast that space open with her forearm to allow for the grip to be sinched up. 

The Real Judo Chop and Other Favorites by Kayla Harrison
The Real Judo Chop is filled to the brim with Kayla’s favorite and most effective techniques. Utilize the REAL Judo chop to set up tricky attacks that will leave your opponent wide open for the finish. Learn from Judo Gold Medalist AND PFL Lightweight CHAMP Kayla Harrison!