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Just Starting Out? Start With A Rock Solid Stance

Just Starting Out? Start With A Rock Solid Stance


Shintaro Higashi has a couple tips on shoring up your stance. 

In Judo the importance of a good stance cannot be overstated. Having sloppy feet or poor posture is a great way to get launched into next week. A good stance is going to keep you able to attack while offering a strong hub to defend from. So what does a good stance look like? 

Shintaro Higashi has a great video he just released from his YouTube channel, pertaining specifically to this subject. Let’s take a look!


A strong athletic position is a great place to start with most sporting endeavors. This rings true especially in Judo because the consequences of a poor stance are a little more costly than other sports. Being out of position and missing a pop-fly isn’t as bad as having a narrow stance and being launched head over heels! 

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Grip fighting is another aspect of Judo that is impacted by your stance. Typically Judo practitioners lead with their dominant hand. So many practitioners are in a right hand/right foot forward stance. If you understand that many attempts to grip you are going to involve your dominant side you can begin to anticipate your opponent’s moves. By being prepared for the incoming grips you can better react and defend them!

Shintaro advocates for protecting your lead hand in a grip fighting situation. If your opponent can control your lead hand they will be able to set more sophisticated traps that will leave you off-guard. If you break down the section from 1:40-1:55 you can develop a quick drill that you can use to become more efficient at avoiding their grip while parrying into your own. When first starting out drilling will be your best friend when learning new skills, especially grip fighting. 

Having an adequate stance will be extremely beneficial over the long haul. To get footwork like Shintaro you need to start with a good stance. Footwork is an ultra important skill that only comes with time, and repetition. BUT if you have a garbage stance you can forget about being fleet of foot. 

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