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Judo Vs. Jiu-Jitsu: Tips For Engagement

Judo Vs. Jiu-Jitsu: Tips For Engagement


The Classic Debate…..

Isn’t going to happen here! This is not a debate on style vs style. Here we will focus on the scenario that you, an experienced Judo player, are entering into a Jiu-Jitsu format of sparring or competition. Whether you are a Judoka or a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner simply looking to increase your throwing capabilities it can be downright difficult to apply your Throwing Aptitude against an unwilling opponent. If you have ever watched a person very comfortable on their feet versus someone who isn’t, only a couple things can occur. 

First would be the less experienced person mistakenly engaging in the stand up only to be tossed into oblivion.  Or they could simply try to pull guard. While this takes it to the mat, it can negate a big throw where you are immediately passing guard. Since the rules are vastly different than Judo, some modifications need to be made to apply your best skills. So let’s take a look at Olympian Ugo Legrand and BJJ legend Bernardo Faria exchange some tips and concepts that will surely increase our skills! Check it out. 


Engagement is key here. One of the first items discussed is how the posture is vastly different between the two athletes. Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling minded people are more likely to be very low  with their hips away from their opponent. Since Judo rules are more focused on takedowns not involving grabbing the legs, their posture is adjusted to a more upright position. Let’s take a look at how The French Combo Move Master, Ugo Legrand, adapts to the defensive posture of Faria.

Ugo’s first tip is don’t be afraid to stand a bit upright. This will allow you to enter in closer with your hips, and allow you to do some work with your foot sweep attacks. Often times a lesser experienced person will be aware not to be too aggressive with their own attacks, so this allows your upright posture to be utilized. In many Jiu-Jitsu rulesets, before someone can pull guard they have to have some sort of grip. Butt flopping isn’t as common as people think. 

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This mandatory grip affords the opportunity to attack as Ugo puts it, like a Fencer. As you can see from the 1:35 second mark. One key factor here is how well you can establish a usable grip. As you can tell once Ugo gets that grip he launches into his attack. One great detail that you can surely add to your game is how Legrand hop/steps throughout the first throw. This continual reestablishing of his base underneath of Bernardo’s allows him to execute the throw. 

By blitzing in with his attack Ugo leaves Zero time for Bernardo to react defensively. As Bernardo points out that he connects his attack immediately after the grip happens. If you allow too much time during the grip exchange to set up a big throw, a defensive player can have more time to pull guard. 

Another attacking strategy that Ugo recommends is the same strategy one of Bernardo’s long time rivals consistently utilized against him, and that is a strong pull to create the off-balancing. Rodolfo Vieira is a great example of a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who has a strong Judo approach within the BJJ ruleset. A Key detail here is how when Ugo starts to pull on Bernardo, you can hear and see Bernardo’s feet landing flat. This heavy base can prove to be optimal conditions to get launched!

Bernardo points out that in Jiu-Jitsu a common takedown strategy is using the single leg. Ugo is happy to engage in this battle. The Olympian shows his preferred defense to the single leg and it isn’t the Uchi Mata. Instead of hooking the near leg, he reaches for the far leg. By blocking this leg it basically immobilizes the single leg attempt. From here it is much more manageable to turn away and tip them to the floor. 

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