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Judo Fanatics Changes The Landscape Of Judo

Judo Fanatics Changes The Landscape Of Judo

Judo Fanatics is the brainchild of multiple time Olympian and Silver Medalist Travis Stevens and the team behind the sports instructional juggernauts BJJ Fanatics, Wrestling Fanatics, and Dynamic Striking, among others.  Judo Fanatics provides a comprehensive one-stop shop for judokas around the world to learn directly from the best athletes and coaches in the world.  With just an internet connection and a device to stream or download, judo practitioners have access to a who's who of judo coaches and competitors.  Never before from the comfort of your own home, can you learn the World Championship level techniques of Ilias Illiadis or the Olympic Gold medal winning approach of a Kayla Harrison.  Now you can, with the help of JudoFanatics.com.

Judo Fanatics Preserves Knowledge and Supports Elite Athletes

Recently, Travis Stevens answered the question of what motivated him to start the Judo Fanatics project.  He had two primary goals in mind and he explains them in the video below:

 For Travis Stevens, two motivating factors for him to start Judo Fanatics were the preservation of knowledge and providing a means for aspiring athletes to help support themselves in the pursuit of their dreams.  Future young judokas will now have access to all of the resources that have been compiled by the Judo Fanatics team.  The evolution of technique and the athletes skill will continue to expand as generations of athletes come in contact with these online video resources.  In addition, the future of elite judokas and their pursuit of World Championships and Olympic Gold Medals will be easier as they can share their knowledge and be compensated through the project.

How Does Judo Fanatics Help The World's Judokas?

  • Judo Fanatics Is Extremely Convenient--With just a click of a button, judokas worldwide can have access to the best instruction from elite level athletes and coaches from everywhere.  In no time, you can be studying the Seoi Nage of Sagi Muki or the footsweeps of Fabio Basile without traveling thousands of miles.  The chances of taking a class or seminar with these elite level athletes for most of us is just a pipedream, but now we can benefit from their years of practice and competition and implement those same techniques and skills into our judo game plan.
  • The Judo Fanatics Resources Are Portable--While classes and live instruction should ideally form the foundation of a judokas training, there are times when online study makes sense.  When you can't get to the dojo or academy, or perhaps are dealing with an injury, or maybe simply want to understand a particular throw or position better, Judo Fanatics can support you and offer you opportunities to study and expand your judo skills.  All you need is a web-enabled device and a hunger for judo knowledge.
  • Judo Fanatics Strengthens Learning--With the ability to watch and rewatch the techniques over and over, the student has a much better chance at retaining the information.  As human beings, our attention spans and memory capacity can sometimes be overloaded during live instruction.  Having the luxury to hone in on a technique and watch it several times will help speed up the learning process and expedite the judo skill acquisition.
  • Judo Fanatics Allows Me To Hone In On My Weaknesses--Over time, any judoka will find that certain techniques or positions that either interest them or perhaps they struggle with understanding.  Now in the comfort of their own home, judokas can find specific instructionals that focus on newaza, pins, submissions, and all the throws imaginable.
  • Judo Fanatics Allows Me to Expand My Game--The Judo Fanatics library is growing almost daily.  Different topics and instructors are constantly being added to the store.  Chances are you are going to be exposed to some throw or technique that you may have never been exposed to during normal class attendance.  Now's your chance to expand your horizons and take ownership of your judo development.
  • Judo Fanatics Allows Me To Support the Sport I Love--Unlike many sports, the support of the athletes is tricky.  Most get by with sponsorships and support from organizations.  Judo Fanatics allows judo students worldwide the ability to have an impact and support the athletes and sport in a way that was never before possible.

The mission of Judo Fanatics is to provide the highest quality video instructional resources to judokas worldwide.  In doing so, the art and sport of judo will continue to grow and expand through this mission.  More practitioners will be exposed to the beauty and power of judo because of Judo Fanatics. World class knowledge and technique by world class judokas will be preserved forever to inspire and enhance generations of athletes.  Whether you're a high level practitioner or just looking to start out, let Judo Fanatics help guide you to your peak performance.