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Jimmy Pedro Grip Like A Champion 2.0

Jimmy Pedro Grip Like A Champion 2.0

Gripping is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF JUDO because everything is based off your grip. In Judo your opponent is wearing your weapon, the judogi. To use that weapon you need to grip it!
In this video Four time Olympian and 2012 American Olympic Judo Coach Jimmy Pedro shows us that gripping is NOT a passive, defensive, or stalling tactic used to shy away from your opponent or grind matches to a halt.

Jimmy Pedro’s gripping system is a way of ACTIVELY DOMINATING your opponent with grips and controlling every situation on the mat.

The first thing we think of when we think of Judo is powerful throws and swift foot sweeps that either win the match or place the Judoka in position for executing a devastating array of ground attacks.


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To get those throws we have to break our opponents’ balance (kuzushi) and to break our opponents’ balance we must DOMINATE THE GRIP FIGHTING. While you dominate the gripping the odds are always in your favour, not just to avoid being thrown, but to actively set up your standing game and execute powerful throws.

Think of gripping as a boxer’s jab; they are the building blocks of your entire game, allowing you to gauge distance, feel your opponents intentions, control your opponents center line, break their balance and set up throws. As such you want to take your grip game to the highest level you can.

There’s much more to gripping than simple grip strength and randomly gripping and pulling our opponent.  Just like a boxer’s jab needs to establish a roadmap to their striking success so our grips need to be intentionally applied in order that we can create a systematic attack from our grips and not what we sometimes see, which is random gripping and pulling to see what we can get hold of.

Having an intentional and systematic roadmap to gripping is central to our game so let one of America’s best Judo players and coaches Jimmy Pedro teach you his systematic attacking grip process that will help you both score Ippon and put you in a dominant position going to ne waza (ground techniques).

With Jimmy Pedro’s systematic gripping program you can learn how to take strong inside grips, frame while standing to use minimum effort for maximum effect (Kano’s famous maxim of seiryoku zenyo) and build a gameplan that will take your stand-up game to the next level!

Jimmy Pedro’s Grip Like a Champion shows us how to set up frames in the stand-up game by taking inside gripping positions, nullifying throwing attempts against you and giving you the control and direction you need to set up your own throws. Jimmy Pedro’s wrist control system allows us to grip our opponent without being gripped by them and to dominate that side of their body to either move them or completely stuff guard pull attempts, leg grabs and more!

If you want to go deeper with gripping, maintaining that dominant inside position, know what to do when someone ‘stiff arms’ you, attack off the grip, the difference between offensive and defensive gripping, staying one step ahead of your opponent and not falling into ‘stupid judo’ then check out GRIP LIKE A WORLD CHAMPION 2.0