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Hitting A Wall With Your Throws? Try This Out!

Hitting A Wall With Your Throws? Try This Out!


When running into a stout defense your Offense can feel like hitting a wall. While there are probably numerous reasons why this may be occurring, often times there are ways that you can adjust a technique on the fly. When first learning O Goshi you may feel like you are hitting a wall literally!

O Goshi involves a large movement with your hips. So as you are first learning this staple technique you will find a common defense is for your opponent to “Hip-In”. This defense is where you feel like you are hitting a wall. When this happens you run the risk of being countered. 

What’s great about Judo, and what many have come to love about it, is that there are countless options and variable to consider when practicing. By hitting a wall you also open counter opportunities for yourself. If you follow the JUDOFANATICS Blog we commonly talk about combo attacks and action vs reaction. So, let’s explore a modification that will SMASH that wall. 

Kayla Harrison, creator of The Real Judo Chop, has an excellent technique to modify O Goshi. While you may be thinking “Dude it’s Kayla Harrison, PFL 145lb Destroyer and  Olympic Gold Medalist, I can’t do what she does.” You are probably right, she’s amazing! However with a little practice with this modification you will be going through that wall. Check it out!


As you can see the initial defense to O Goshi is to hip in. This helps defend the O Goshi by rooting into the mat. If you are going to be launched like a hay bale your natural reaction will be to be heavy, hence ‘rooting in’. Another option would be to switch tactics to exploit this natural reaction like switching to Kouchi Gari, which Kayla covers in The Real Judo Chop. However in this instance Kayla decides to continue with O Goshi. Let’s look at a couple of Key Factors she points out. 

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Harrison makes note of how her grips control her partner. The back grip keeps them close while the sleeve grip is what helps elevate them. Another key component is how the Olympian readjusts her hips after her initial attack. By readjusting her hips she is able to uproot her partner’s base. Now she is able to execute her throw. The best example of the hip in defense and Kayla’s adjustment to the defense is at the 1:20 mark of the video!

A great way to shorten the learning curve if you are a beginner is to make note of natural reactions like hipping in. It is something that will commonly occur with lifting type throws. By knowing this you can be more prepared to launch a counter technique, or as Kayla demonstrates smashing right through the initial defense!

The Real Judo Chop and Other Favorites by Kayla Harrison
Kayla Harrison is an Olympic Gold Medalist and Rising Star in MMA. She is currently undefeated! The Real Judo Chop and Other Favorites is a collection of Kayla’s favorite techniques that she has used to dominate the mat at the HIGHEST level!