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Get Better From Home With Travis Stevens

Get Better From Home With Travis Stevens

Use This Unorthodox Approach To Sharpen Your Judo From Home!

Strength and Conditioning is easily one of the most neglected, yet essential aspects to every sport! Martial Arts practitioners especially can benefit from some extra time boosting their S&C. Many athletes find themselves fulfilled with their time on the tatame, so the thought of going to a gym and doing deadlifts doesn’t sound like a very fun proposition. 

At the top levels of Judo competition everyone is GOOD. One thing that sets athletes apart is how much they get out of their Strength and Conditioning routine. S&C isn’t always deadlifts and treadmills. For the most part the more you can replicate on the mat movements into S&C the more your training will translate to on the mat benefits. 

Thankfully for us we have Travis Stevens, who not only released a FREE at home workout instructional that is specifically designed to benefit your on the mat performance, he continually pumps out great content via his YouTube channel! With his latest at home tip, he uses a unique piece of equipment that looks like it might be a valuable addition to your workout kit, check it out below.


Keeping your workouts geared towards your specific sport is a great way to work your conditioning. Pounding the pavement is an overall great way to improve your overall endurance, but it won’t help you coordinate your footwork! Travis uses the stick to work multiple aspects that increase Judo specific areas. 

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The first exercise Travis demos is designed to give you the upperhand in the gripping department. By working this isometric pull you can start to develop a crushing pull that will help you break your opponent’s posture. Travis’s next exercise gives you another Lat blaster. The Latissimus dorsi (you’re welcome) is a large muscle group that lends itself to many upper body movements. This is an essential area to strengthen if you look to create powerful kuzushi.

Travis finishes this quick routine with an Osoto Gari entry that works your footwork and gives a little resistance for your hamstrings. This is a great exercise that can be easily adapted by adding in different footwork, simulating kuzushi, and timing. Do it for a minute straight at high intensity and you will be sweating in NO TIME! Don’t be surprised if you see more great workouts from Travis, and if you do want to see more let him know in the comments!

Mastering Osoto Gari by Travis Stevens
Travis keeps adding to his impressive catalogues at BJJFanatics and Judo Fanatics! Be sure to check out his latest guides on mastering classic techniques like Osoto Gari and Ippon Seoi Nage!