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5 Minute Grip Tips With Jimmy Pedro!

5 Minute Grip Tips With Jimmy Pedro!


When observing Judo much of the focus takes place at the tail end of the action. People want to see the big throws and high flying techniques, but none of that is possible without the essential grip battle that takes place before. Overtime an appreciation can develop for all aspects of a match. The grip exchange can be just as technical and entertaining to see once a better understanding is acquired, and that’s what we are here to do!

Jimmy Pedro is one of the most successful American Judo Practitioners to ever step onto the mat. On top of being a stellar representative for the U.S. in the Olympics, he also has coached some of the top talent in the sport athletes such as Travis Stevens and Kayla Harrison! Pedro’s Instructional, Grip Like A World Champ 2.0 is dedicated to the granular details of Grip Fighting. 

Let’s Check out Jimmy’s Pro-Tip about the cross grip here!


The first Tip has is to try to avoid even grip exchanges. If you have less experience or are simply out-gunned by your opponent having even grips is a bad strategy. This is where Pedro advocates for the cross grip. The Cross Grip  allows for you to have the advantage over the exchange and increase your attacks, while staying safe from most of your opponent’s offense. 

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By getting the cross grip on the sleeve now you have a 2-on-1 grip.You can use this grip to drag your partner’s body across your center line in an arm-drag motion. Pedro demonstrates this at the 0:51 mark. After the drag Jimmy gets a grip on blue’s mid back region. This staples Pedros lead shoulder to the partner’s shoulder allowing for Pedro to have better posture control. 

From this position that Jimmy gains is a great hub to launch multiple attacks that he demonstrates through the rest of the video. These are great combo attacks that you can add to your arsenal. 

Now let’s switch gears and see how Jimmy Pedro combat’s an inside grip with an outside grip. Check it out!


In this situation your opponent has obtained an inside grip on your collar. This isn’t ideal, and attempting a grip break may leave you vulnerable for offensive attacks. Pedro now shows an alternative to the grip break by climbing his grip onto his partner’s shoulder. He forces a reaction from his partner by trying to reach inside only to adapt to their reaction by obtaining the shoulder grip. Much like combo throws, making your partner react is a great way to counter just as Pedro did here to get the shoulder grip. 

The second option is to use your own lapel grip to start to anchor down into your opponent’s grip. Once their arm starts to collapse Pedro immediately shifts in for his shoulder grip. As you can see once you are inside you can start to have a better attack plan. 

Grip Like a World Champion 2.0 by Jimmy Pedro

Winning the grip exchange is a great way to increase your success on the mat. Grip Like A World Champion 2.0 is the new and improved instructional from the one and only Jimmy Pedro. Take a look at what it takes to be a World Champion by learning the Gritty Details of Grip Fighting!