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Finish The Fight With Andy Hung!

Finish The Fight With Andy Hung!


There are many paths to victory in Judo. Getting there is the issue!

Finding a way to finish a match is easier said than done. Although there are plenty of options to win, your opponent isn’t simply going to lie down! Since there are so many paths to victory, there is also solid defensive strategies around every corner. One defensive strategy that you will surely run into is the turtle.

Once your opponent has turtled you may find it difficult to find a successful attack within the time frame needed. Attacking the turtle with multiple threats is usually a good idea, because as one opportunity closes another should open. Since the battle is already on the ground you will be either looking for a strangle or a pin. Or maybe both…..!


Andy Hung just released Judo Strangles with JudoFanatics! This technique video is just a small glimpse into what Judo Strangles has to offer. As you can see from the technique demo Andy has plenty of options when attacking the turtle. In this situation he is offering a dual approach where he is both applying a strangle and pinning his opponent to the mat.  Let’s take a further look at the grips and set ups!

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Andy first grip is obtained from a front headlock position. The arm that is over his partner’s arm is the first one to grip. Notice that this grip isn’t super deep. It’s basically just below their chin. Gripping too deep here is a surefire way to lose your grip during the transition.

Another positional tip to get a solid grip here is to rotate towards the rear hip which allows a further reach with the first hand. Now Hung’s second hand grasps at the base of the neck in the collar with four fingers in. 

Once the grips are established Andy immediately circles back towards the head and away from the hip. Andy now starts to sit into position. Maintaining a close spacing is important if you plan on pulling your partner enough to roll over your ‘speed bump’ leg, as Andy describes it. If you are too far, there is a good chance you will lose position. As soon as you are able to roll your partner, your focus needs to be on getting up from the mat.

A key detail that Hung uses to establish a better position is his inside knee pins his partner’s. This controls them while allowing you a stronger base to get up from the mat. Remember your hands are going to be busy keeping the grips secure, so they can’t press you off of the mat. 

This position let’s you be able to adjust to your opponent’s movements while your hands negate most escapes because they are applying a brutal strangle. Hand placement is going to be super important if you hope to finish the match with a submission, however if you lose a good strangling pressure the grips will still allow  you to maintain a proper position to pin your opponent. 

Judo Strangles by Andy Hung

Having multiple options to finish a match is a MUST. Judo Strangles by Andy Hung provides those options. Keep your opponent in constant danger with Andy hung!