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Effortless Foot Sweep With Travis Stevens

Effortless Foot Sweep With Travis Stevens


When you hear effortless red flags should start popping up, and for good reason. Today we are going to look at an “effortless” foot sweep with Travis Stevens. Don’t get caught up on the wordage, Travis’s foot sweep surely is going to take some effort in learning. The timing and precision required to pull off the foot sweep can be fairly difficult.  The effortless part comes in when everything is lined up and time perfectly, and it looks like you barely had to work to make your opponent slip like they stepped on a banana. 

Travis Stevens has been keeping busy with his YouTube channel, he has been dropping gems of knowledge just about every day. So if you are looking for some hard hitting judo throws, Ne-Waza, or other judo tips, Travis has you covered. Let’s take a look at how Travis sets up this slick foot sweep!


This technique is best learned in stages. As Travis demonstrates with his partner he takes you through multiple stages of the set up to get you comfortable with the  timing of the technique. Travis recommends simply walking in a straight line back and forth with your partner. This way you can become more aware of how their feet will be moving during the foot sweep. 

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Once you are comfortable with the rhythm and timing of the first drill it’s time to move on! Now it’s time to attack the foot sweep. How your foot is angled when attacking with the foot sweep is important. Travis stresses going through the first leg and touching the rear leg. This will ensure that you are able to sweep both legs out from under your partner. 

Now that you have the timing, rhythm, and foot placement down pat the foot sweep will become, dare we say it…..EFFORTLESS! After getting the overall feel of the technique you can start to use both legs to attack with the foot sweep. Travis demonstrates this at the 1:50 mark in the video. He is able to continue the fluidity of the drill while switching between which leg he attacks with. 

Here is another great lead-in drill that will further your foot sweep agenda!


In this circumstance Travis is using a circular motion to make his opponent step instead of a linear motion. Again timing and rhythm play a major role in the success of your foot sweep. If you are uncomfortable with the technique take it in small steps just like Travis demonstrates. Simply going through the motions can be beneficial for developing the sensitivity required for a strong foot sweep game. Attacking the leg as it is light is a carry-over concept that you will see throughout your Judo journey so start to become used to it early on! 


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