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Cross Grip Tai Otoshi With Matt D’Aquino

Cross Grip Tai Otoshi With Matt D’Aquino


Creative Cross Grips Attacks Keep Your Opponent Guessing

If you are looking to stay nimble and out flank your opponent then the cross grip is something to utilize. Today we will look at a method of executing Tai Otoshi off of the cross grip, taught by Australian Olympian Matt D’Aqunio. 

This demo is a quick look into one of Matt’s recent instructionals titled Cross Grip Formula. In this instructional he looks to give you a complete route of attack by using the Cross Grip. Let’s take a look at how he stays ahead of his partner using the cross grip Tai Otoshi set up. 


You can clearly see throughout the demo how Matt emphasizes fluid movement. While it may be hard to emulate at first, mimicking Matt’s footwork and rhythm will assist in making you more fluid in your approach. One major benefit to using the Cross Grip strategy is how it allows you to stay light on your feet. It also forces your opponent’s arm across their body, which negates a lot of offensive options that they could look to use against you. 

As soon as you get your opponent’s sleeve across their body they immediately have to start to react. Otherwise getting in on a more dominant position will be very easy to do. Since you can anticipate their reaction, you can more efficiently plan your next attack. Matt points out that you can use Seoi Nage or Tai Otoshi once you have successfully opened them up. 

Timing is crucial with either technique. Right as his partner turns to face him, Matt immediately starts to lift his partner which opens the space necessary to backstep into his Tai Otoshi. 

Cross Grip Formula by Matt D'Aquino
Cross Grip Formula provides an indepth look at a unique gripping strategy that is hard to stop. Matt D’Aquino adds another classic to his collection with Cross Grip Formula. Use this unique approach to land your favorite techniques like Tai Otoshi, Seoi Nage, AND MORE!