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Competition Preparation With Matt D’Aquino

Competition Preparation With Matt D’Aquino


Competition is a big part of many combat sports. While it is totally possible to enjoy martial arts such as Judo and Jiu-Jitsu without competing, becoming the best without competing simply isn’t an option. That said becoming a competent competitor take a lot more than just showing up and practicing appropriately. 

Many competition successes come down to mentality. If your mind is tuned into a competitive frequency you're going to have a hard time adapting to the speed of competition. Athletes who can separate from the anxiety and nerves will have a better chance at pulling off those techniques you have been sharpening in the academy. 

So how does one become a competent competitor? COMPETE! Also having a strong coach or guide to assist you along the way can pay off big time. Matt D’Aquino, Olympic Judo athlete, has a complete game plan that is called Competition Preparation Masterclass that is packed with lessons that come with over a decade of competition. Check out the intro to the instructional below!


Matt has quite a few gems of knowledge that can be applied to your competition game plan, regardless of experience level. One major tip, is that your competition training needs to be closely related to how the competition will go down. Training with partners who are close to your weight/experience level will help you transfer your skills to the competition. Competition training is more than simply training extra hard. 

Want to develop a competitive mindset? Matt D’Aquino has the game plan! Click Learn More!



While hard training is obviously important, specific training can pay off even more. For instance if you have a glaring weakness, spending time specifically targeting that weakness is a great way to make it less obvious. 

Grip fighting is a perfect example of a specific area that can be drilled to make your grips on point. Too many times we get complacent with someone grabbing our collar or sleeve. In training this might not be the biggest concern, for a multitude of reasons. However, in a competition those grips you didn’t break could lead to your demise!

Competition practice should mimic the competition. It doesn’t make that much sense a week before the competition to spend 5 minutes rounds of ne-waza. Instead small short bursts that match the ruleset is where you need to spend your time. Great tips from Matt D’Aquino. 

Competition Preparation Masterclass by Matt D"Aquino
Competition Preparation Masterclass by Matt D’Aquino is loaded with details that will make you a better competitor. Smart training and a competitive focus can be obtained with Matt’s help. Train hard, and prepare for your next competition with Olympian Matt D’Aquino!