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Combo Moves With Ugo Legrand

Combo Moves With Ugo Legrand


The key to any successful foot sweep is clean decisive technique. The Kouchi Gari is a prime example of this. Many of the greatest Judo players were well equipped with The Kouchi Gari and it is something to add to your arsenal regardless if you prefer Judo or Jiu-Jitsu. 

For Jiu-Jitsu folks out there this is a great attack because the posture in Jiu-Jitsu is conducive for this type of attack. Since leg grasping takedowns are used in Jiu-Jitsu many practitioners take more a wrestling stance. This can lead to them being heavy on their feet, which helps with the Kouchi Gari. Let’s take a look at an Olympic Level Kouchi Gari here with Ugo Legrand. Ugo has his own style of Kouchi he uses, check it out below!


Like many Judo techniques it starts with a successful grip exchange. This situation is left vs right. Ugo begins with a right handed sleeve grip while his partner has a collar grip. Ugo counters this collar grip by pummeling inside then over his partner’s shoulder until he is able to get a grip on the back of his partner’s gi. Make note of how Ugo’s back grip changes his partner’s collar grip. Legrand definitely has that grip defeated. 

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One of the first things Ugo points out is how when getting the back grip the partner’s base begins to sink away from him. This is a common reaction to this scary grip! Also it is important to not get to close and upright because the risk of you being countered is present. Now that Ugo has his grips set up let’s look at how he operates the Kouchi Gari. 

Footwork is one of the most important aspects to this technique. Ugo starts by feinting with Uchi Mata. This forces a reaction from his partner to pull their near hip away from the impending launch from the Uchi Mata. Being prepared for your partner’s reaction will allow you to be a little more fleet-of-foot to pull of the next part. This is a prime example of Combo Moves. In Ugo’s instructional French Combo Moves you will learn killer combos that will leave your opponent flat on the mat. 

A good drill to improve your overall footwork would be to practice the sequence Ugo demonstrates at the 1:50-2:40 mark. While it may feel silly at first if you are a beginner, but this footwork is what equates to winning. Judo is quite like a dance. A dance of violence, if performed on concrete against someone trying to assault you, that could be their last dance. Which is why opting for a foot sweep might be the safer option!

After getting the space needed to execute Kouchi Gari Ugo does so with a ferocity that can only come from YEARS of top-tier training. With the right timing your partner’s foot will be light enough that your foot should “scoop” theirs. Mixing this scoop with forward momentum, you have a good recipe to put your partner on their back. Another key aspect to remember to keep your hips close after fainting with the Uchi Mata. Hips to far will lead you a failed Kouchi attempt. 

French Combo Moves by Ugo LeGrand
Small details that you absorb like these really can add up. Winning these small victories will lead to more successful throws. French Combo Moves by Ugo Legrand is PACKED with these game changing details. Keep your opponent guessing while they fly through the air, courtesy of Ugo Legrand!