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Combination Tactics With Angelica Delgado

Combination Tactics With Angelica Delgado


In Self-Defense scenarios, simple is best. Let’s be honest any athlete training consistently in martial arts isn’t going to pick a fight with you on the street. So the need for an extravagant attack strategy against an untrained assailant, swinging haymakers probably isn’t going to be required. Chances are that by mid swing you will already be on the inside ready to throw/foots sweep at your leisure. Which is a great baseline for why many people train martial arts, but what hooks people for the long haul is how deep arts like Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu go. 

In an academy setting you are working against fellow trained pupils of the art. They understand a lot of the same concepts you do. This is where the “iron sharpens iron” mantra comes in. A well equipped Judoka is going to not fall for your initial attack, but they might fall for the second! By using feints and combinations you are much more likely to succeed against someone who knows what’s up. 

While in the beginning of your journey you may find it hard enough to focus on all of the footwork and grip placement that takes place in a single technique, let alone a second or third chained right behind it. A good way to start chipping away at this mountain of a task is like anything else. Take it in small steps. 

For instance, there is a good chance early on you are familiar with the Ouchi Gari. This technique serves as a good launchpad for a variety of other techniques. Let’s check out how Angelica Delgado uses her Ouchi Gari attack to lead into a beautifully executed Uchi Mata. Be sure to subscribe to JudoFanatics YouTube page!


Angelica is obviously a high level talent as far as technique goes, which makes sense since she was in the Olympics! She also is Top-Notch in how she teaches. She goes into a lot of depth throughout the video. Instead of a step by step breakdown let’s focus on a couple key details you can pull from this quick technique breakdown from here new instructional Ouchi Gari By Angelica Delgado. 

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Sell the first technique! By providing a real threat to your opponent with the initial Ouchi attack they have to respect it, and in return will provide a natural reaction to defend. If this first attack doesn’t provide a real threat your opponent will simply defend, or worse counter! Angelica is known for a lightning quick Ouchi Gari so any attempt is sure to be met with an honest effort defend. This leads her to have the space to execute the Uchi Mata. 

Another crucial detail is how Angelica uses her footwork to follow her partner’s reaction to the Ouchi Gari. If you don't follow closely enough during this portion you will be too far to execute the Uchi Mata. Spacing is super important here so a good idea to get better at this is, copy her footwork and drill, drill, drill. The nice thing about this is you can do a lot of footwork drills that can increase your overall fluidity of movement. 

Learning combinations can be difficult, but a great place to start is having a decisive Ouchi Gari attack. This a great way to not only take your opponent down but to allow other tactics to be combined with your initial attack. If you are just starting, break it down into smaller chunks. Angelica actually demonstrates ways that you can use to work your way through the entire technique. 

Ouchi Gari by Angelica Delgado

Ouchi Gari By Angelica Delgado is a 4-part series dedicated not only to the Ouchi Gari but also to the complementary techniques surrounding the Ouchi Gari. This provides you a comprehensive strategy revolving around one Delgado’s favorite techniques. Get more from your instructionals with JudoFanatics!