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Check Out This Canto Choke Variation!

Check Out This Canto Choke Variation!


Yarden Gerbi has some great insight on this classic technique!

The Canto Choke is one of those techniques that consistently finds its way into the highest levels of grappling. Whether it’s Judo or Jiu-Jitsu this classic should be part of every grappler’s tool kit. If you can constantly threaten with chokes against your opponent they will have to focus on EVERY grip that you get!

Thankfully, with its staying power, the Canto Choke has seen a fair share of variation in its application. Let’s take at a slick variation Yarden Gerbi uses to secure the submission. This video is from Shintaro Higashi’s YouTube so be sure to check out more from the channel!


This particular variation comes off of an opponent who has found themselves in the turtle position. This could be in defense to a throw attempt, or by design. Some athletes like to encourage their opponent to turtle so they can enter into their ne waza attacks. The Canto Choke lends itself to this style of set up very well. 

Gerbi begins her attack off of a foot sweep. While her opponent defends with a turtle, Yarden is immediately able to begin her Canto sequence. She starts to circle towards her grip by taking a big step. From here she secures the belt to be able to bring her opponent into the choke vs. stepping over the head first. Anyone that has done the Canto choke at some point in their career has just stepped over the head and sat. 

Now that her opponent is closer thanks to the belt pull, Yarden can easily step her leg over her partner’s. Also, by yanking the belt Yarden starts to disrupt her partner’s base. By making her partner have high hips Gerbi is able to use her foot to kick out her base as she tips over to her side. From here she is able to use her leg to complete the strangle. 

One fine tuned detail that Garbi lays out at the end of the demo is to not straighten the strangle leg. Instead she opts to keep it bent to allow maximal push on the back of her partner’s head. The more push generated here will increase the effectiveness of this Canto variation. Great Stuff! Be sure to check out more of Yarden Gerbi and Shintaro Higashi at JudoFanatics.com!

Yarden has a great way of breaking down complex techniques into usable bits of information regardless of experience level. In her instructional Fundamental Judo Mastery she goes in depth on what it takes to find success from the early stages all the way to the international level. She even covers her patented Gerbi Choke!