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Catch Your Opponent Off-Guard With This Variation Of Osoto Gari

Catch Your Opponent Off-Guard With This Variation Of Osoto Gari


Textbook techniques can be difficult to pull off. Practicing in a static environment with cooperation is a great way to iron out key details required to make a technique look ‘textbook’. However, in a live scenario those same techniques can morph into variations that look and operate slightly different.These alternate versions of classic techniques may just be better suited for you. 

The Osoto Gari is a great technique that has multiple variations. One Specific variation that people find themselves using is the Ken Ken Osoto. This hopping version allows adaptation to movement in a live scenario. In a perfect set up it may not be necessary, but with a resisting opponent being able to hop into place can allow the throw to take place. 

Andy Hung just released Osoto Gari, an entire instructional devoted to this great technique. Along with the normal setups Andy offers variations that will work for anyone. Let’s take a look at how he mixes up his Osoto!


Typically getting very deep in a hip to hip position is required to pull off Osoto. This variation allows you to attack from a further distance. Once you are able to attach to your partner’s leg you can hop into place before executing the throw. Andy refers to this as a replacement step. Your rear leg literally replaces your front. This allows you to close the distance to successfully find Osoto. 

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A major goal that Andy looks to achieve with his grips, is to curve his partner’s spine. This loads up the leg that Andy is going to attack. Strong/usable grips are a must when executing Osoto Gari. In Osoto Gari Hung covers grip details in depth to allow maximum effectiveness once you establish your grips. 

Now that you have closed the distance and have your partner’s balance distributed correctly it’s time to put our legs to work. Andy bends the attached leg a specific way. He creates a ‘spur’ with his heel by pointing his entire foot downward. This creates an angle that catches his partner’s leg. This makes stepping out to defend the attack much more manageable. 

To finish Andy hops in a circular motion around his partner. A good spot to know when to finish is when you’ve hopped far enough that your head is over your planted foot. Standing in a neutral position is a great place to be countered with your opponent’s own Osoto. Having your head over your foot is a good way to ensure that your position is strong enough to finish the throw. Andy finishes by kicking his attached leg backwards and leaning his weight forward to complete the Osoto Gari variation. 

Osoto Gari by Andy Hung
Osoto Gari By Andy Hung is dedicated to making you an Osoto Gari Guru. Know the ins and outs of this foundational technique, and then DOMINATE with it. Andy Hung provides the road-map for success, all you have to do is buckle up and enjoy the ride! Learn variations and even submissions off of this classic technique. Check out Osoto Gari By Andy Hung Today!