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Build Your Basics With Travis Stevens

Build Your Basics With Travis Stevens


Strong basics and fundamentals are essential if you hope to find success on the mat. To put it simply, those flashy techniques you see on YouTube aren’t going to work in a live situation if you lack basic skills. It’s sort of like doing an Algebra problem without knowing how to add or subtract. It just isn’t going to work!

Performing techniques in a practice situation is very different than in a competition setting. In order to pull off ANY technique in competition your going to need some rock solid fundamentals. How does one go about fine tuning those fundamentals? PRACTICE! 

Uchikomi is the term used for repetitive practice in Judo. Typically it involves performing the beginning steps to a technique instead of the complete throw each time. This can be modified to suit your needs of practice. If you are having trouble with the set ups practice that, if you need to sharpen your finish you can add that into each rep. Travis Stevens shows a good example of uchikomi with the seoi nage here. Check it out!


To get good, as the cool kids say, you are going to need a lot of reps. Uchikomi is a great way to get the reps needed without wrecking your body. If every rep ended in completing a throw you would get much less time focused on the setup. That said, your finishes need some time to shine as well. 

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One great detail that you should DEFINITELY add to your seoi nage game is how Travis step heel-toe to enter into the seoi nage. This is super important because planting the front part of your foot into the mat can negate some of your pivot. A major goal of this drill is to have your grips and body in the correct spots, mainly getting back to chest with your partner. Stepping like this will make a huge difference in being able to turn that corner into the seoi nage. 

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Starting with a square stance is another great modification when practicing. Often times this is where you will be putting your opponent with proper kuzushi. Putting your opponent in a square stance will open more options of attack which will leave them off-guard and unable to defend. 

Travis emphasizes the role of the pull with the O Goshi. WIth the right grips you can generate a lot of pull over your partner’s upper body. Pulling your opponent’s weight over your hip is key in completing the throw. 

Another major factor is closing the distance with your hips. Travis advocates using the back step to get in close enough. By using his back foot first he is re-establishing his base close to his partner. Now his lead leg is able to immediately step through and be in place to execute the throw. 

These are some huge details coming from one of the BEST! Travis is a leading mind in the Judo and Jiu-Jitsu world. His YouTube is pumping out technique gems left and right, so be sure to subscribe and tune in for more top-tier technique! Travis also has an ample amount of instructionals that go more in depth on today’s top techniques. 

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