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Being Out Of Position Is A Bad Proposition

Being Out Of Position Is A Bad Proposition


Unless You Can Counter!

Being out of position is something you don’t want to get used to,but sadly it’s inevitable. The reality of training is, you are going to get put into bad positions. Learning how to survive these tough ordeals should be first on your list of priorities when put into a bad spot. After that, you can learn how to thrive with some strong counter techniques. 

While it isn’t ideal to constantly be fighting from a tough position, if you spend enough time there you might as well develop some strong counters. Being able to anticipate your opponent’s attacks will also aid in your overall defense strategy. While this is easier said than done, having some examples can surely help. Let’s take a look at a couple options when our opponent has gotten the best of the grip exchange and we are caught on the defensive. 

First let’s take a look at a couple bailout throws from Shintaro Higashi. Shintaro has an excellent YouTube page that provides consistent top-notch content for his subscribers. Check out the video here!


Attacking the posture of an opponent is a common strategy that allows for many techniques to be pulled off. This will for sure happen to you! In the video Shintaro explains how this is a losing position for the practitioner in white. However as he explains this opens the availability of other attacks. In the video she pulls off two attacks that work off of the losing position. 

Understanding the goals of the other person will help you in avoiding their attacks. Overtime knowing the options of your opponent based off of their grips will give you a fighting chance to defend and eventually counter. By knowing Blue’s attacking options, White can perform reactionary techniques like the drop seoi nage and yoko tomoe nage. 

Shintaro is one of the most available resources on the internet when it comes to quality instruction. On top of that Shintaro has an instructional set to release soon at JUDOFANATICS! We will be sure to take some in depth look at what is to come from Shintaro!

Next we will look at a technique that is gonna require some sensitivity, anticipation, and a whole lot of drilling to master. BUT with South Korean Judoka Jeong-Hwan An you will have a much better chance at pulling of Uchi Mata Sukashi! Check out this video form Jeong-Hwan An’s new instructional Speed Throwing.


Another technique that you will surely run into is the Uchi Mata. A key to countering Uchi Mata is A LOT of drilling! However even if you are only able to learn the defense by pulling your foot in to avoid the Uchi Mata, that is a good start. The South Korean Judo Star opts to use this opportunity to fully counter the Uchi Mata. He does this by using his foot to flick the uke’s attacking leg while simultaneously rotating their upper body with his hands, finishing the counter. 

A solo good drill to get use to this fancy footwork is at the 1:35 mark, where Jeong-Hwan shows how he mastered this tactic. Another crucial aspect to pulling the Uchi Mata Sukashi off is to step correctly with your base leg. This base leg is essential to maintaining your balance when trying to finish your counter.

Speed Throwing by Jeong-Hwan An
Speed Throwing By Jeong-Hwan An is a 4-Part Instructional that covers a wide array of techniques and concepts that are sure to sharpen your skills. Learn how to set up your throws BEFORE your opponent has a chance to defend!