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Basic Sode Set ups And Movements With Jimmy Pedro

Basic Sode Set ups And Movements With Jimmy Pedro

For a lot of beginners to Judo, they want to just get straight to the action. While this is understandable, because who doesn’t just want to throw people around and get that super satisfying smack on the ground. 

However when they get to actual randori, they have no idea how to actually use the proper positioning or movements to even get into the proper positioning. This is why you need to teach them basic setups from the beginning, so that they know just how important these movements are. 

Luckily for us we have one of the best American Judokas in history to show us the proper and basic movements and set ups to one of his favorite throws. 

In this video Jimmy Pedro goes over how he moves and sets up the Sode. 

Who Is Jimmy Pedro 

Jimmy Pedro is a 7th degree Judo Black Belt and former competitor who has trained in Judo from a young age. He has experience in the US national competition scene, the worlds and even in the Olympics. Jimmy Pedro is one of the most accomplished American Judokas in history. He has won two separate bronze medals at two separate Olympic games and has won 4 separate gold medals at the Pan American championships. 

How To Set Up The Sode For Judo


The video starts off with Jimmy talking about how the Sode is not your traditional or standard Judo throw. This is because it isn’t a throw that is done in combinations a lot. Unlike other throws like the Tai Otoshi or the O Goshi where you might attempt a few other throws to get into the proper position, the Sode really just relies on having the right grips and timing. 

For Sode, there aren’t a lot of combinations to set it up. You usually either get it off of grips attacks or off of an opponent’s reaction. Most commonly that reaction comes after pinning their hands down. 

From there you can get yourself in the position for the Sode and actually go for it. A common Sode set up is when you get your grips and your opponent tries to grab your gi. When they go for the grab you push their arm upwards and turn around to get into position for the actual throw. 

Another setup is doing the throw in motion. In the video Jimmy shows this by getting a cross grip and turning his opponent around. While their disoriented you can get into position and complete the Sode. 

Jimmy finishes off the video by showing how you can do the Sode with two sleeves. With your grips on the sleeves you can move your opponent around a bit and then suddenly force up their arms and get into position for the throw and complete it.  

This is what makes Sode such an unorthodox and unpredictable technique. 

Learn More From Jimmy Pedro 

American Judo System: Sode Tsurikomi Goshi Encyclopedia by Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens

If you like this Sode technique breakdown  and want to learn more from 7th Degree Judo Black Belt Jimmy Pedro, then you should check out his complete Sode series “American Judo System: Sode Tsurikomi Goshi Encyclopedia by Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens” Available exclusively on Judo Fanatics!