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Avoid This Mistake When You Go For Kouchi Makkikomi

Avoid This Mistake When You Go For Kouchi Makkikomi


Throwing and Tripping Is Tough Business

Executing successful techniques is difficult, getting reversed right when you thought you did everything right is defeating. Sometimes in the case of Kouchi Makkikomi with the wrong approach you can be reversed mid trip to your back causing you to lose a match. 

If you are a Judo player looking to implement your skills in a Jiu-Jitsu ruleset this is also something to consider as well. When you stick a good throw be sure to root in to your base. Jiu-Jitsu practitioners develop interesting ways to exploit a takedown after the fact, mainly due to the rule set. 

With Matt D’Aquino, you’ll have the strategy and tips you need for success regardless of ruleset. Here is a quick two minute tutorial where he goes over one of the biggest mistakes when going for Kouchi Makkikomi. 


For this technique it’s all about direction. D’Aquino recommends not finishing with a directly backwards approach because all his partner needs to do is rotate 90 degrees to reverse the throw. Over committing on the takedown can assist your opponent in manipulating your momentum.  So what direction do we take them? 

Instead the Australian Olymian opts to focus on rotating his partner instead. Matt focuses on bringing his partner’s weight/upper body 45 degrees diagonally from their heel. Turning your partner’s upper body will help ensure that they land on their side, which stops the reversal. 

Initially the kouchi is going to be directly at your opponent, however to finish with a higher success rate rotating immediately after contact is a must. Matt D’Aquino unlocks all of these details to the Kouchi Makkikomi in his newest instructional, Killer Inside Trips. 

A great option to set up your Kouchi attacks would be a turning throw. IF you can threaten with say, seoi nage your opponent should root into their base. This heavy base is exactly what you need to attempt a backwards traveling technique like kouchi gari. 

Killer Inside Trips by Matt D'Aquino
Killer Inside Trips is Matt D’Aquino’s newest gift to the world of Judo. It focuses on the inside trips that helped make him an Olympian. D’Aquino has a unique way to teach, and an in-depth understanding how to dominate with the inside trip. Check it out today!