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Analyze Your Armbar With Travis Stevens

Analyze Your Armbar With Travis Stevens


For all the Submission Hunters out there...

The armbar is a classic technique that transcends multiple combat sports. If you are looking to add some slick finishing options for your armbar, Travis Stevens has some tips. Travis recently released Ne-Waza Mastery. It covers Travis’s favorite and most effective Ne-Waza techniques and strategies. 

Travis Stevens is known for a brutal no-nonsense approach to martial arts. He is a black belt in both Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His exposure to each sport at the highest levels have made him one of the most sought after minds in combat sports! 

Have you ever found yourself in position to finish the armbar, but simply couldn’t? Don’t worry you definitely aren’t alone. There are a lot of working parts to actually finishing the armbar. Since the armbar is such a staple technique in martial arts people have developed unique ways to defend it. Travis has some mechanical concepts you can utilize to help you finally finish that armbar!


Travis is a black belt under legendary Jiu-Jitsu instructors Renzo Gracie and John Danaher. Since there is more of a focus on the ground fighting aspect of combat in Jiu-Jitsu, Travis has spent even more time battling it out for armbars than your average top-tier Judoka. A major theme in how Travis approaches teaching is mechanics. 

Many times an athlete can put themselves into position to find a submission only to fall short. A significant amount of time this is due to the mechanics of a submission being out of place. In Travis’s demonstration he focuses on is getting the arm completely stretched out. Finding the sweet spot is key when they are defending with locked hands. You can see how Travis finds the sweet spot at the 2:00 minute mark. 

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The key to stretching the arm out is to place your forearm in the correct spot. You can’t simply put it in the bend of their elbow.  This is where they are strongest. Instead Travis slides his forearm up just a hair to create the pressure needed to break your partner’s grip. 

Another sweet detail is how Stevens does a corkscrew type movement with his upper body to elongate his partner’s arm. This will create even more pressure on their hands. As the grip breaks, Stevens does his best to make sure that the arm is completely stretched out before concerning himself with the break. 

To avoid the dreaded hitchhiker escape he makes sure to trap the knife edge side of his partner’s forearm in the “v” of his elbow. By keeping his arm bent throughout the elongation process he can keep the wrist trapped, and immobilized. Many beginners make the mistake of readjusting their grip once they are in position to finish. This allows your partner to rotate their arm and utilize the classic “hitchhiker” escape. 

Ne-Waza Mastery By Travis Stevens is loaded with 8-parts of next level Ne-Waza! You will learn how to maintain vital positions to secure submissions. Take over the mat and catch your opponent off guard with Ne-Waza Mastery By Travis Stevens.