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After Competition Tips With Matt D’Aquino

After Competition Tips With Matt D’Aquino


Win or Lose, there is plenty to learn

The lead up to a competition has a lot to do with your results. How you practice is how you perform. Knowing what works for you comes with time and patience. However not ALL of your success is determined before the competition, sometimes you can increase your success immediately after a competition. 

So much of your time will be spent in preparation for the competition, that when it finally arrives it can come and go in a blink of an eye. Many athletes never get to truly shine on the day of competition due to performance anxiety. By understanding your routine right before and after the competition you can start to take back control. 

Learning how to control your mindset before, during, and after competition is something that isn’t as simple as learning how to perform a technique. While learning how to perform a slick seoi nage is a DEFINITE challenge, many of the critical elements are tangible. Tangible in that you can touch them. You are shown exactly where to put your hands and what to do with your feet. 

Learning how to not freak out, and perform below your expectations is like learning an all new martial art. Thankfully, Australian Judo Olympian Matt D’Aquino has just released Competition Preparation Masterclass.  

Finally there is a resource to learn the intangibles. D’Aquino covers the ins and outs of having a rock solid competition strategy that not only covers your battle plan, but how to warm up, and how to keep your mind right! Check out a quick glimpse into D’Aquino’s world and learn what to do after competition!


D’Aquino lays out plenty of good tips in the quick 3 minute video. One big aspect to remember is that the reason to compete is to improve. Knowing that you have to step onto the mat to put it on the line, ultimately will elevate your overall game regardless of the results on the mat. 

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A negative result of a competition can wreck your self-esteem. Self-esteem is literally a self estimate. You may feel like your game is garbage. It in fact may be! HOWEVER, you stepped out there and that alone is a victory. If your game is at rock bottom GOOD, you can only go up from there.

After a less than stellar result people tend to focus on ONLY the negative. There is a good chance you did some things right, that can be acknowledged and expanded upon. This is part of the benefit of competition. Competition opens up variables you may have not been exposed too. That person you compete against might do something unique that you aren’t used to. You can pinpoint what you did to shut down their initial grip attempts, and also figure out where you went wrong that led to being tossed. At the end of the day it's all good experience. 


Knowing is half the battle. Competition Preparation Masterclass By Matt D’Aquino invests in the intangibles. Learn how to maintain a WINNING mindset and reach your full potential with Competition Preparation Masterclass!