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50/50 Grips? Colton Brown Has Some Tips

50/50 Grips? Colton Brown Has Some Tips


Often times finding yourself in 50/50 position with someone could be trouble. 50/50 means that neither participant has an advantage over the other in the positioning of their grips. In Judo grips are a major factor in the success of any given technique. A good strategist will tell you to advance your grips into a position that provides you the advantage. However, with the right gameplan you can attack off of the 50/50 situation. 

Colton Brown, 2016 Olympian, has that gameplan. In his new instructional Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi, Colton uses his superb Sasae set up a lot of effective techniques. Let’s take a look at a quick clip from Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi how he approaches the 50/50 situation here. 


With equal grips, knowing exactly how each hand is supposed to work becomes even more important. One thing to pay attention to throughout the demonstration is how Colton uses his grips. The fabric between his hands almost looks like a bar. Maintaining this dominant grip structure will aid immensely in turning your opponent. 

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Another key ingredient to the success of this Harai Goshi is movement. Colton is able to make his partner step into a more vulnerable position with his grips and footwork. Once Colton has them in this squared up spot, he takes a back step and loads his partners weight for the harai goshi. Keep in mind that if you partner doesn’t react in this exact way there are other options of attack. In Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi Colton covers many what-if scenarios. 

The grip that is on your partner’s sleeve plays a critical role here as well. As you step back into the loading position you must remember to pull your partner’s arm with you. This will set the stage for Harai Goshi. Footwork is crucial. Obtaining the fluidity of movement of someone like Colton Brown is going to take some work. Consistent drilling will help in this regard. 

To finish the throw Colton steps his left leg through and continues his circular movement to bring his partner’s weight over top of his hip. Spacing will make or break this technique. If you are too far out you can’t properly load your partner’s weight. Being out of position in a situation where your partner has equal grips to you will land you flat on your back. 

In Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi Colton provides a comprehensive look into how to develop the skills needed to pull of some of the smoothest techniques you will see on the mat. Keep your opponent off-balance with constant kuzushi that will leave them defenseless. Check out Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi By Colton Brown today!