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5 Creative Combinations For Your Next Competition

5 Creative Combinations For Your Next Competition


Lately we have been looking at techniques in terms of competition. With great resources out there like Matt D’Aquino, and his Competition Preparation Masterclass it’s hard to not look at things in terms of competition. That said, whether you are training for self defense, fitness, or international competition it feels good to have success on the mat. One way to increase your success is to layer on the tactics with combinations. 

Shintaro Higashi, creator of Judo Basics, has 5 basic Judo combinations that are sure to take your staple techniques and add some versatility to them. While each individual technique is strong in their own right, when you start to combine them you can catch your opponent off guard. This makes it even more unlikely that they will offer a sound defense. Let’s take a look at some combinations that EVERYONE should know. 


Watching Shintaro execute technique after technique is something to behold! It should go without saying that drilling is going to be a major part of your practice routine if you hope to pull off these techniques. Part of the enjoyment of martial arts should be placed in the process of learning. “Roughing out the edges” of your technique is a big part of the process in becoming proficient at Judo. 

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 Whether it’s ouchi gari into osoto or kouchi gari into a turn throw you need to sell-out on your first technique. What this means is go into your first technique ready to switch, but make it so your opponent has to respect it. Their reaction is what you need for the next tactic to work! 

Many times people are thinking so hard about the next technique in the chain that they don’t offer a reason for their opponent to defend. EVERY TIME Shintaro starts a technique chain the first technique gets the reaction he is looking for. This is because if they don’t defend the initial attack he can simply continue with the first technique. By knowing ahead of time how your opponent will react you can be better prepared to launch your next technique!

Judo Basics by Shintaro Higashi
Judo Basics has techniques to build a foundation that will last an entire career! The instructional offers MORE than rock-solid foundations, it’s loaded with continuations of techniques that will help you become more offensive. Shintaro gives you the roadmap to not only master the basics but create advantageous situations to launch your attack!