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3 Killer Foot Sweeps With Matt D’Aquino

3 Killer Foot Sweeps With Matt D’Aquino

Sweepin’ Ain’t Easy…

Foot Sweeps in Judo can catch everyone by surprise, even the spectators! To the untrained eye it may seem as though they seem to come out of nowhere when done at an elite level. Anyone who has successfully utilized Ashi waza techniques will tell you it’s all about the set up and timing. 

Heard that one before have you? Repetition is key to applying the techniques you pick up along the way on your Judo journey. Ashi waza, or foot techniques, are especially important to drill. Developing the rhythm required to make your opponent look like they slipped on a banana peel is a marathon, not a sprint. 

When learning anything it’s best to start out simple. While all techniques involve some skill to perform, most can be greatly expounded upon adding to their complexity. Start off small and build from your rock solid foundation that you cultivate. Looking for some quick Ashi waza techniques? Matt D’Aquino, Judo Olympian, has some quick hitting foot sweeps for you check it out!


To develop an effective foot sweep game you have to think of your attack as a chain of techniques vs one singular move. Matt’s first sweep involves his partner defending the initial attack only for D’Aquino to continue his motion forward into the next technique. If you are first learning to attack with Ashi waza techniques it might be best to break down combination tactics to smaller parts to make them easier to learn. Overtime you can work towards mending them together. 

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Sometimes a beginner can get into a rut with their foot sweeps by only attacking with them from a distance. Yes, some of the fanciest foot sweeps involve some slick movement from the outside. BUT you can use some of your other tools to expose your opponent to your foot sweeps. 

D’Aquino demonstrates this starting at the 1:15 mark when his partner blocks his seoi nage attempt. As his partner hips in to defend, it sets up the ability to knock out the supporting leg. Once you build a repertoire of ashi waza attacks you can keep your opponent guessing. 

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